Cunning Lingers 0
Cunning Lingers 1
Cunning Lingers 2
Cunning Lingers 3
Cunning Lingers 4

Mistress Petra has a couple of slavegirls to punish and also give a little bit of a reward. Mistress has Slave Sophia bought down to the dungeon and tied up to the ceiling, then hangs weights off her pussy lips. Mistress then brings Slave Emm down to give Sophia a little bit of a treat by eating her out. Mistress then spanks and flogs both of them, after putting Slave Emm in an arm binder. Finally Slave Emm gives Slave Sophia a bit more attention with her tongue.

Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 0
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 1
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 2
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 3
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 4

 Mistress ties up her sub and proceeds to use pegs, weights, crops and paddles on him.

Return of the Diabolical Dommes 0
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 1
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 2
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 3
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 4

 The Diabolical Dommes are back for another round of punishing their slave...

Caged Fisting

Master Keith16:07 minutesBDSM
Caged Fisting 0
Caged Fisting 1
Caged Fisting 2
Caged Fisting 3
Caged Fisting 4

Master Keith has his cohort Master Chris and two slavegirls, along with some pussy torment, caging and verbal humiliation there is also some cunt fisting !!!