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Miss Serenity is a beautiful young dominatrix. But young or not, that does not stop her putting Slave John well and truly through his paces! Foot worship, wax play, spanking and a whole lot more

Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 0
Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 1
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Master Keith has a new slavegirl. Coco is a cute little thing but is in need of training, and so it begins... He soon has her naked and enlists the help of his cohort Mistress Persia. Suspension, cropping, flogging and much more soon follow! Mistress Sophia also arrives, so now it's three Doms, one slave. Anything can and does happen...

Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  0
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  1
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Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  3
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  4

It is the birthday of one of Mistress Jolenes slavegirls! So Mistress Decides to celebrate, and of course when there is a birthday there has to be candles... Today is not the exception, certainly when the slavegirl becomes her own birthday cake!

Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 0
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 1
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 2
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 3
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 4
Master Keith has had enough of Slave J and decides to show her what a slave can expect if she fails to please her Master! She is corsetted and chained with her wrists above her head. Next she is gagged and spread with her tits put in a cruel crusher. Master Keith puts mousetraps onto her nipples and then suspends her by winching her up in her painful predicament! Cunt hooks are applied to punish her even further. After she's been suspended for some time, Master Keith decides that she needs some more pain and drips hot wax all over her tender breasts. When J is finally let down, Master Keith puts her onto a bed and plays with her dripping pussy. Before he leaves her, he shoves a butt plug into her and chains her back up to ensure that she behaves while he's away.
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  0
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  1
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Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  3
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  4

Is it Ms Jolenes birthday and of course where there is a birthday there must be candles!... But these candles will not be on a cake, because Jolene desides to insert them in her pussy !!... watch the wax run ...

Hot Wax Sparkle 0
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Hot Wax Sparkle 4

It would seem Mistress Demonic has a perchant for fireworks and hot wax !!, and Slave Comet will of course bear the brunt of both, made to lay face down on the floor he has no idea what Mistress is up to, she lights a sparkler and inserts it in his arse crack with the order of * keep you arse cheeks clenched*, the hot sparkles fall onto his sore caned arse ...Once it has died down Mistress then drips hot candle wax all over his bum cheeks ..Comet really is hot stuff !!

Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 0
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 1
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 2
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 3
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 4

In Part One Master Keith has Slave Lou in a breast Clamp and with candles too!!!... And now he floggs her with it still on but eventually he does remove it before makin her kneel on all fours while he gives her a good hard spanking ... But its not over for poor Slave Lou as you will soon see... NOT TO BE MISSED ...

Young Dominatrix's Plaything 0
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Young Dominatrix's Plaything 2
Young Dominatrix's Plaything 3
Young Dominatrix's Plaything 4

Three bitchy Dominatrix, one poor little female slave... The runt is really punished here by the 3 bitches, spanked, paddled , caned, humiliated, they stop at nothing ... Wax on her pussy, stretched on the rack and out comes the vilolet wand...