Leanne's Punishment 0
Leanne's Punishment 1
Leanne's Punishment 2
Leanne's Punishment 3
Leanne's Punishment 4

It would seem Leanne did not satify Simon at all, and of course he complained to Mistress Demonic... Back in the Dungeon Lizzie and Petra laugh and taunt Leanne with "You cant even suck cock properly" ...Mistress arrives and sends the ladies off for champagne while she deals with the hapless Leanne, it's over the whipping bench after a torrent of verbal and Leanne is caned, paddled and gagged...

Audrey Caught Whoring 0
Audrey Caught Whoring 1
Audrey Caught Whoring 2
Audrey Caught Whoring 3
Audrey Caught Whoring 4

Goddess has found out that Audrey has been whoring and is not happy & has demanded Audrey report to her chambers... on arrival Goddess drags the hapless slave over to the whipping bench by its cock and makes it lay face down, she grabs a paddle and sets to work with the punishment.. then its a good cropping ... Needles are then put in the already sore bum cheeks and candles added so Audery can be the birthday cake for Goddess Demonics friend... Then its over another whipping bench for more paddling and a good hard caning ...

Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 0
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 1
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 2
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 3
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 4

In part Two of the Three part trilogy, Mistress Demonic is now going to deal with Fifi La Poo ... In Part One Slave Leia has upset the Demonic One and has been punished for her sins, it didn't help of course the Fifi turned up late for her appointment and then gave the Demonic One flowers containing Lillies which she hates. Leia is sent upstairs to dress in something "more Dominant" and Fifi is made to strip out of her maids oufit and is put on to the crusifix where mistress begins with some nipple torture and plenty of verbal humiliation.. Leia returns and then the fun starts, she is taken from the cross and tied to the whipping and her cock and balls are tied down so every time she moves they are pulled on ...and Fifi ends up with a very sore arse and cock and balls !!!... But of course this is Mistress Demonic and it does not end there .........