The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 0
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 1
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 2
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 3
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 4

It would seem Slave Ashtray has a bit of a dilemma on his hands, with not one, but two beautiful Bitches to keep him in line! He is such a pig he has been put in a pig mask & Mistress Demonic is leading him into the dungeon for some deserved punishment, with Lady Trinity following behind and beating his fat useless arse with her crop!

Once in the dungeon he is put over the whipping bench and tied to it, then both Dominas beat his arse with a paddle and crop. Before he is caned he is sprayed with deodorant as MD thinks he stinks!... Then its a good hard caning on his arse, followed by a heavy paddle used none to gently, well it certainly makes the pig squeal!... Then both ladies enjoy a cigarette while humiliating him, the chain flogger is used while MD is telling Lady Trinity about her new aquisition, both go to look at it leaving the pig over the whipping bench to await their return...

They return sometime later, and out come the canes again, used of course on the pigs arse... And its not over yet! They take him off the bench, use him as an ashtray, make him eat the cigarette ends, all the while verbally humiliating him, make him lap piss from a bowl, stand on him, and finally take him to the stainless steel foor and make him lay on it before subjecting him to lit matches and cigarettes being put out on his body...

Pussy Plucking Torment

14:49 minutesFemdom
Pussy Plucking Torment 0
Pussy Plucking Torment 1
Pussy Plucking Torment 2
Pussy Plucking Torment 3
Pussy Plucking Torment 4

Mistress Demonic is NOT happy with her slave girls, and has Ms Cameo in to help her out.. as Dannie cannot behave and has not shaved her pussy Mistress Demonic has something planned.. like plucking all the hairs from the slaves cunt !!.. one by one and she wont be doing it herself, sophie is going to do the plucking !!

Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  0
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  1
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  2
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  3
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  4

Is it Ms Jolenes birthday and of course where there is a birthday there must be candles!... But these candles will not be on a cake, because Jolene desides to insert them in her pussy !!... watch the wax run ...

The Correction Part Two Finale 0
The Correction Part Two Finale 1
The Correction Part Two Finale 2
The Correction Part Two Finale 3
The Correction Part Two Finale 4

Master Keith has used needles on karinas pussy and now he moved upards and onwards to her tits . . . he puts needles into her nipples and ises chains too ..

The Correction Part One 0
The Correction Part One 1
The Correction Part One 2
The Correction Part One 3
The Correction Part One 4

Master Keith begins by using purple rope and tying karina up ... then he takes some needles and uses them on her pussy lips!!... well she has been using her cunt far too much ...

Woodland Fright

Master Keith6:48 minutesBDSM
Woodland Fright 0
Woodland Fright 1
Woodland Fright 2
Woodland Fright 3
Woodland Fright 4

Its down to the woods for slave sophie and Master Keith.. after all treee's are so good to use for putting a female slave in bongage! Master covered her head as he thinks she is ugly nd does not want to scare the wildlife and then he ties her tits up and torments her.

Joleen Torments 0
Joleen Torments 1
Joleen Torments 2
Joleen Torments 3
Joleen Torments 4

Ms Joleene is an evil bitch, and slave rhiannon and emma louise are in for some torment from her today ... she ties first one then the other to the cross, both get tormented with various implements  . . . she tramples rhiannon and uses bondage too ...

Lesbian Gathering 0
Lesbian Gathering 1
Lesbian Gathering 2
Lesbian Gathering 3
Lesbian Gathering 4

With Master Keith, Mistress Roxi and Mistress Alicia to deal with its looking like its just got Crystals day at all , she is dragged trough the woods, tied up to a tree and then flogged and whipped by all three of rhe Dominants... But thats not all, because Mistress Roxi soon has her strap on at the ready and despite the pleases poor Crystal gets fucked

Double Domme Nettled  0
Double Domme Nettled  1
Double Domme Nettled  2
Double Domme Nettled  3
Double Domme Nettled  4

Mistress Deville arrives in the dungeon with slave J, already there is Mistress Persia with slave Alan, J is fastened to the swinging bench and beaten with a crop while slave Alan is being tormented by Persia... Soon De Ville grans some stinging nettles and uses them on her slaves cunt and tits ...

Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  0
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  1
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  2
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  3
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl, but all she ever thinks about is getting fucked, and Master has an ingenious plan . . . . But before she will get a fuck he verbally humiliates her, mousetraps are put on her nipples and he hads an electric chastity belt for good measure, he soon has her dancing about as he shocks her pussy !!...  He suspends her from the crucifix, her legs held wide open and he sets off the fucking machine and leaves her to get well and truly fucked . . . .