Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 0
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 1
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 2
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 3
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 4

Double Domme fun with Mistress Demonic who catherizes her slave as he pisses too much. Not wanting to be left out of the fun her friend joins in, and uses her strap on to fuck the female slave.

The Smoking Collection ONE 0
The Smoking Collection ONE 1
The Smoking Collection ONE 2
The Smoking Collection ONE 3
The Smoking Collection ONE 4

Mistress Demonic, beautiful, sexy, serene...Watch as she is dressed in different outfits smoking cigarettes ...different scenes something for all you smoing fetishists!!

The Prisoners Torment

13:21 minutesFemdom
The Prisoners Torment 0
The Prisoners Torment 1
The Prisoners Torment 2
The Prisoners Torment 3
The Prisoners Torment 4

Kurdy is in the cage in the dungeon,  and MIstress Demonic dressed in soft leather in the form of a skirt and uniform jacket arrives and decides to let him out, firstly she uses him as an ashtray, flicking her ash into his hand while giving him plenty of verbal humiliation, she torments and taunts him before pushing him to the floor and taking a prison strap to him, she sits on him and beats his arse then allows the priveledge of worshipping and kissing her feet.

The Caning

Mistress Demonic and Slave Ashtray17:25 minutesFemdom
The Caning 0
The Caning 1
The Caning 2
The Caning 3
The Caning 4

Mistress Demonic and Ms Sophia begin by putting slave ashtray over the whipping bench, he is paddled , humiliated and caned hard... The 2 Doinatrix then decide to make him lay on the floor and use his body to drop lit matches on and put their cigarettes out on... Mistress Demonic demands he holds his cock up while she burns it with her cigarette...

Fag Ash Lill

Mistress Demonic23:49 minutesFemdom
Fag Ash Lill 0
Fag Ash Lill 1
Fag Ash Lill 2
Fag Ash Lill 3
Fag Ash Lill 4

Fag Ash Lill is under strict training to become a three fags at once maid!, however she tends to whinge alot and disobey The Demonic Ones Orders... It is hilarious watching her try to smoke 2 cigarettes at once while Mistress Deomnic verbally humiliates and torments !!!