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Miss Serenity is a beautiful young dominatrix. But young or not, that does not stop her putting Slave John well and truly through his paces! Foot worship, wax play, spanking and a whole lot more

Ball Crush & Stretch 0
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Goddess Demonic and Mistress True Severity decide to do some ball crushing on their slave, so on goes the ball crusher, but they think its not enough so they tie some rope to the crusher, pass it through hooks in the ceiling and hand an old cast iron on it for good measure, Goddess even uses the rope to do some exercises on!... They put nipple clamps on him add weights to those... Then off comes the ball crusher  a latex glove is put onto his cock because he is dribbling on Mistress Demonics carpet, he becomes Chicken Dick!

The Flaming Pig 0
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The Flaming Pig 4

Mistress Demonic has her new slave in the dungeon and she intends to have alot of fun! And she is not on her own, because the beautiful Lady Trinity is also present, so they humiliate him, use him as an ashtray and a give him a bowl of Mistresses champagne that should be savoured...  But its when the evil pair drag him over to the medical area the fun really starts and things really HOT UP!

Mistress Stascia's Slave

33:05 minutesFemdom
Mistress Stascia's Slave 0
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Mistress Stascia decends to the dungeon where her slave is waiting, she passes him leather cuffs and tells him to put them on. she then puts a waist cincher on him and ties him to the whipping bench, and ties up his balls before passing the rope through a hook in the ceiling, weights are added to the end of the rope in the form of a house brick, she then paddles him soundly and rubs nasty stinging nettles all over his cock and balls, ass, and body.  She uses a crop and cane on him and shoves a butt plug up his arse..... She removes him from the bench and adds heavy weighted nipple clamps ....

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Mistress Petra catches her 2 slavegirls playing with each other in HER Dungeon, she is not happy so she ties the 2 up and spanks tem while verbally humiliating the pair, then she calls for slave sophia to perform a sexy pole dance while she sits on her throne and masturbates and plays with her nipples...

She is in Trouble 0
She is in Trouble 1
She is in Trouble 2
She is in Trouble 3
She is in Trouble 4

Naughty Sophia Ballerre is in trouble with non other than the inimitable Master Keith!!!....So it's down the dungeon with her and a good hard spanking and alot more follows !!

Fag Ash Lill

Mistress Demonic23:49 minutesFemdom
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Fag Ash Lill is under strict training to become a three fags at once maid!, however she tends to whinge alot and disobey The Demonic Ones Orders... It is hilarious watching her try to smoke 2 cigarettes at once while Mistress Deomnic verbally humiliates and torments !!!

Slave Lous' Torment - Part 4 Dildo . . . . 0
Slave Lous' Torment - Part 4 Dildo . . . . 1
Slave Lous' Torment - Part 4 Dildo . . . . 2
Slave Lous' Torment - Part 4 Dildo . . . . 3
Slave Lous' Torment - Part 4 Dildo . . . . 4

Following on from Part Three, Slave Lou is still suspended in the sling with a speculum up her pussy, and now Master Keith has decided some vibrating dildo's and other paraphanalia is to be used on her !!!...

The Pig Progresses. 0
The Pig Progresses. 1
The Pig Progresses. 2
The Pig Progresses. 3
The Pig Progresses. 4

Mistress Demonic has her good friend Lady Trinity visiting so she takes her to meet the slave pig!, Oh my god what is that exclaims Lady Trinity... So its out of the cage with him while the ladies have some fun at his expence.. He is mae to clean Lady Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her lighter!, a candle is handy for removing hair too, so along with alot of verbal humiliation, ball busting and shoe cleaning its just not the slaves day at all . . .

Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  0
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  1
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  2
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  3
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  4

Following on from Part Two , Slave Lou is still suspended and now ot comes the violet wand to be used by Master Keith, he removes the clothes pegs from her pussy lips and uses the wand on her cunt and tits !!... But its not over for he then grabs a speculum...