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Mistress Demonic is furious, Slavegirl Dannie has been out the night before and got pissed and wet the bed... So Mistress is going ot make her pay for that indiscretion, she takes both her slavegirls outside, and gives Dannie a severe telling off, Dannie is made to lay on the cold concrete with Slave Sophia standing close by, Mistress soon gives Dannie a taste of watersports and pisses on her... But its not over yet, Dannie is sent to shower while Mistress takes Sophia back inside and to the dungeon, there watched and aided by Miss Cameo both girls get told off and punished...

Chinese Punishment ... 0
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Chinese Punishment ... 3
Chinese Punishment ... 4

Beautiful Ms E.Vie is having none of it, she makes the slave kiss her boots then strip in the shop before grabbing her by the tit and dragging her down to the dungeon ... Once there she tells the slave off and puts her over the whipping bench and canes and paddles her arse hard... There is more boot licking and slave is made to lick Ms E.Vies rubber and is caned and beaten some more...