Shower Paddling 0
Shower Paddling 1
Shower Paddling 2
Shower Paddling 3
Shower Paddling 4

 Slave Rhiannon is caught masturbating whilst shaving her pussy in the shower, little does she know she's in for the paddling of her life from Mistress Demonic.

Mistress Waits 0
Mistress Waits 1
Mistress Waits 2
Mistress Waits 3
Mistress Waits 4

It does not do if you make Mistress wait for you, and punishment is the order of the day for crystal, she has made Mistress Alicia wait while she is off gallivanting with her friends, of course Mistress is very cross and takes the slave to her dungeon where she punishes the slave !!..

The Governess

16:58 minutesFemdom
The Governess 0
The Governess 1
The Governess 2
The Governess 3
The Governess 4

In a lovely english house resides the Governess, and when her ward misbeaves then its time to punish her.. the ward has become rude and unruly and is to be punished so over the kness she does and her arse is soon very red and very sore..

Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 0
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 1
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 2
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 3
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 4

Maitress Marlene gets John over the knee for a good old fashioned hand spanking which is humiliating enough, but she does not stop at just a hand spanking as she takes a leather paddle and uses it to very good effect and his arse is very very red and sore... Then she moves onto the leather strap and a good caning and finishes off with a good hard birching, so hard its doubtful whether John will sit down for a week or more.

The Prisoners Torment

13:21 minutesFemdom
The Prisoners Torment 0
The Prisoners Torment 1
The Prisoners Torment 2
The Prisoners Torment 3
The Prisoners Torment 4

Kurdy is in the cage in the dungeon,  and MIstress Demonic dressed in soft leather in the form of a skirt and uniform jacket arrives and decides to let him out, firstly she uses him as an ashtray, flicking her ash into his hand while giving him plenty of verbal humiliation, she torments and taunts him before pushing him to the floor and taking a prison strap to him, she sits on him and beats his arse then allows the priveledge of worshipping and kissing her feet.