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Matron will not stand any rudeness and neither will she let the inmate get away with misbehaving.. Its over the knees for a good hard spanking and then she uses the cane so the nimates arse is striped and sore.

Mistress Stascia's Slave

33:05 minutesFemdom
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Mistress Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia decends to the dungeon where her slave is waiting, she passes him leather cuffs and tells him to put them on. she then puts a waist cincher on him and ties him to the whipping bench, and ties up his balls before passing the rope through a hook in the ceiling, weights are added to the end of the rope in the form of a house brick, she then paddles him soundly and rubs nasty stinging nettles all over his cock and balls, ass, and body.  She uses a crop and cane on him and shoves a butt plug up his arse..... She removes him from the bench and adds heavy weighted nipple clamps ....

Chinese Punishment ... 0
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Chinese Punishment ... 3
Chinese Punishment ... 4

Beautiful Ms E.Vie is having none of it, she makes the slave kiss her boots then strip in the shop before grabbing her by the tit and dragging her down to the dungeon ... Once there she tells the slave off and puts her over the whipping bench and canes and paddles her arse hard... There is more boot licking and slave is made to lick Ms E.Vies rubber and is caned and beaten some more...

Captive Slave

Mistress Demonic and Slave Comet15:46 minutesFemdom
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Captive Slave 4

If you go down to the farm today.... yes you will find the Demonic one outside in the sun and obviously having fun with her two male slaves...

Mistress has left Slave Phoenix in the stable while she goes to deal with Slave Comet on route she picks some nice fresh stining nettles, comet is chained up to a vehicle in her yard and she begins by admonishing him and flogging him, she unchaines him and chases him up to the stables flogging his arse as he runs... A little later Mistress visits phoenix who is hooded in an empty barn, his arms chained above his head, he is in trouble for having sex with one of the Demonic ones female slave, she begins by flogging his cock and telling him off... A cock press and weights are put on his cock and she flogs him some more before adding nipple clamps and then paddling and caning his arse... And its not over yet !!!!!

Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 0
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 1
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Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 3
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 4

Mistress Danhella has her slave Rhiannon over the spanking bench and is using the crop on the girls arse, she then takes a cane and uses that as well, a good hard spanking follws just for good measure... However its not over yet... Next step is to put the slave on the rack and cuff her tightly so she cannot move, Mistress plugs the violet wand in and beginds to use it on the girls nipple piercings,  nipples and pussy, a few good slaps to her pussy for good measure as well . . . .

Comet's Chastisement 0
Comet's Chastisement 1
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Comet's Chastisement 3
Comet's Chastisement 4

Oh dear , Comet is in trouble yet again... Over the whipping bench where without preamble Mistress Demonic starts by giving him a good padlding, this is followed by the crop and then the horn paddle,  a good strapping and a telling off. She grabs a cane and makes him kiss it before she lays it on his arse nice and hard making him yelp ....

Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 0
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 1
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 2
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 3
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 4

Ohhhh dear me, the Runt is in big trouble, she has been caught by her 3 young Mistresses sneaking in after a night out, and bad behavoiur deserves punishment, and these 3 Mistresses certainly know how to dish it out... Firstly it's a spanking, then out comes a flogger, follwed by the crop, then the 3 bitches tie her firmly to the St Andrew Cross, some heavy weights are added to the slaves labia and Mistress Petra decideds a good hard paddling is in order.... Of course a heavy strap on the arse will surely see the slave see sense but thats not all, these 3 Mistresses intend to make sure she never disobeys again ...

More heavy wieghts are added and a spanking follows then its the cane when all 3 Mistresses give her some hard strokes ot her already sore arse... She is finally taken down from the cross and put in the cage for a while, but it certainly is not over yet.... More with candles, whips and stretching, the violet wand, candle wax, extreme labia stretching and more...