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Master Keith has used needles on karinas pussy and now he moved upards and onwards to her tits . . . he puts needles into her nipples and ises chains too ..

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Mistress Petra has two very cute slavegirls, and if youl ove tit bondage you will love seeing sophia with her huge tits tied up, then there is pussy licking ghalore as Mistress has slave emm  suck and lick sophias pussy ...

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Mistress Danhella has her slave Rhiannon over the spanking bench and is using the crop on the girls arse, she then takes a cane and uses that as well, a good hard spanking follws just for good measure... However its not over yet... Next step is to put the slave on the rack and cuff her tightly so she cannot move, Mistress plugs the violet wand in and beginds to use it on the girls nipple piercings,  nipples and pussy, a few good slaps to her pussy for good measure as well . . . .