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Slave Comet is locked in the cage in his Mistress's Dungeon, she arrives and gives him a good verbal telling off before letting him out...  Mistress knows he has masturbated without permission, and she will punish him without question for the misdeed... After making him kiss her feet she ties him to the crucifix, on go the nipple clamps and weights and she wastes no time in tightly tying up his cock and balls passing the rope through a ceiling ring and hanging a VERY heavy weight on the end of it !!!.. Some severe CBT follws and she rubs deep heat all over his cock and balls ...

Comet Caught Smoking 0
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Comet Caught Smoking 4

It seems poor Slave Comet is in trouble yet again, nothing new there because he seems to try The Demonic one's patience on a daily basis, this time the daft old fool has been caught smoking in his bedroom and Mistress will NOT stand for that ... So it's off to her chambers for him and some severe nipple and cock and ball torture with a good telling off and plenty of humiliation.