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Miss Sin in Trouble 4

Mistress Danhella already has Slave Rhiannon tied to the St Andrews Cross in her dungeon. So one more female to deal with will not be a problem... Rhiannon soon feels the wrath of mistress as she pinches and twists her already very sore nipples... And Miss Sin is going to be made to suffer in more ways than one!

The Burning 0
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The Burning 4

Mistress Demonic is hot. Well, on this occasion so is slave ashtray! She starts by making him apply a pig snout on his face, along with plenty of verbal, he is shaking and as usual does not get it right. A good dose of the cane does not help, but Mistress wont stop there...

She is is disgusted at the amount of hair on him. She begins to burn it off with a match, before dragging him into the other side of the dungeon and giving him a good hard caning... Then it's more matches, and more hair removal!

Along with putting her cigarette out on his cock and making him eat the ash, and more caning. This is not to be missed!


The Correction Part Two Finale 0
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The Correction Part Two Finale 4

Master Keith has used needles on karinas pussy and now he moved upards and onwards to her tits . . . he puts needles into her nipples and ises chains too ..

Mistress Stascia's Slave

33:05 minutesFemdom
Mistress Stascia's Slave 0
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Mistress Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia decends to the dungeon where her slave is waiting, she passes him leather cuffs and tells him to put them on. she then puts a waist cincher on him and ties him to the whipping bench, and ties up his balls before passing the rope through a hook in the ceiling, weights are added to the end of the rope in the form of a house brick, she then paddles him soundly and rubs nasty stinging nettles all over his cock and balls, ass, and body.  She uses a crop and cane on him and shoves a butt plug up his arse..... She removes him from the bench and adds heavy weighted nipple clamps ....

Bad Girls Shopping Trip 0
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Bad Girls Shopping Trip 3
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 4

Naughty Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, so after drressing her in a tight corset its down to the dungeon , she is caged, her nipples tormented and she has writen on her chest *I am a Bad Girl*, Master Keith leaves her for a while to contempalte her bad ways, then he releases her and more torment this time on her pussy...

Comet Caught Masturbating 0
Comet Caught Masturbating 1
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Comet Caught Masturbating 3
Comet Caught Masturbating 4

Slave Comet is locked in the cage in his Mistress's Dungeon, she arrives and gives him a good verbal telling off before letting him out...  Mistress knows he has masturbated without permission, and she will punish him without question for the misdeed... After making him kiss her feet she ties him to the crucifix, on go the nipple clamps and weights and she wastes no time in tightly tying up his cock and balls passing the rope through a ceiling ring and hanging a VERY heavy weight on the end of it !!!.. Some severe CBT follws and she rubs deep heat all over his cock and balls ...

Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 0
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 1
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 2
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 3
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 4

Mistress Danhella has her slave Rhiannon over the spanking bench and is using the crop on the girls arse, she then takes a cane and uses that as well, a good hard spanking follws just for good measure... However its not over yet... Next step is to put the slave on the rack and cuff her tightly so she cannot move, Mistress plugs the violet wand in and beginds to use it on the girls nipple piercings,  nipples and pussy, a few good slaps to her pussy for good measure as well . . . .

Military Interrogation -Part Two 0
Military Interrogation -Part Two 1
Military Interrogation -Part Two 2
Military Interrogation -Part Two 3
Military Interrogation -Part Two 4

Its back to interrogating the female slave, Master Keith has his sidekick in to help ... She is tied to a chair, her nipples pulled and twisted, fed up of this Master Keith soon has her suspended and whips her pussy....

Comet Caught Smoking 0
Comet Caught Smoking 1
Comet Caught Smoking 2
Comet Caught Smoking 3
Comet Caught Smoking 4

It seems poor Slave Comet is in trouble yet again, nothing new there because he seems to try The Demonic one's patience on a daily basis, this time the daft old fool has been caught smoking in his bedroom and Mistress will NOT stand for that ... So it's off to her chambers for him and some severe nipple and cock and ball torture with a good telling off and plenty of humiliation.

Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 0
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 1
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 2
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 3
Slaves Of Pleasure or Pain Part Two 4

In part Two of the Three part trilogy, Mistress Demonic is now going to deal with Fifi La Poo ... In Part One Slave Leia has upset the Demonic One and has been punished for her sins, it didn't help of course the Fifi turned up late for her appointment and then gave the Demonic One flowers containing Lillies which she hates. Leia is sent upstairs to dress in something "more Dominant" and Fifi is made to strip out of her maids oufit and is put on to the crusifix where mistress begins with some nipple torture and plenty of verbal humiliation.. Leia returns and then the fun starts, she is taken from the cross and tied to the whipping and her cock and balls are tied down so every time she moves they are pulled on ...and Fifi ends up with a very sore arse and cock and balls !!!... But of course this is Mistress Demonic and it does not end there .........