Bells, Swing and Flames! 0
Bells, Swing and Flames! 1
Bells, Swing and Flames! 2
Bells, Swing and Flames! 3
Bells, Swing and Flames! 4

Master Keith has decided to have some fun with Slave Ana, he humiliates her by hanging some bells to her pussy piercings. But thats obviously not all where Master Keith is concerned... He hangs a chalice from her pussy piercings and lights it, she has no choice but to swing it back and forth!

The Lampstand

Master Keith4:14 minutesBDSM
The Lampstand 0
The Lampstand 1
The Lampstand 2
The Lampstand 3
The Lampstand 4

Master Keith makes one his slave girls into a Lamp Stand, she is very tightly corsetted, wearing very high stilettos and stockings, a hood is added, then a corset gag plus  arm binders ,  and a soon she is plugged into the electricty and lights up becoming his very own personal lamp !!!

Double Ended Dildo  0
Double Ended Dildo  1
Double Ended Dildo  2
Double Ended Dildo  3
Double Ended Dildo  4

The lcue is in the title!!>. two pretty slavegirls, two Masters and a double ended dildo make for some fun for Master Keith and his cohort as they amke the slaves fuck the dildo amongst other things!

Breast Bondage

Master Keith and Slave Ana17:54 minutesBDSM
Breast Bondage 0
Breast Bondage 1
Breast Bondage 2
Breast Bondage 3
Breast Bondage 4

Master Keith loves tits, and he loves tying them up very tightly and tormenting them !, and here is no exception, watch as Slave Ana has her breasts tied tightly, he puts her on the cross, adds some clothes pegs and enjoys watching her squirm... he then plays with her pussy before making her lick and kiss his boots.... Master torments her non stop.

Autumns Debt

Master Keith16:54 minutesBDSM
Autumns Debt 0
Autumns Debt 1
Autumns Debt 2
Autumns Debt 3
Autumns Debt 4

Master Keith brings Slave Autunm to an old workshop in the boot of his car, once there he takes her from the boot and into the garden and spanks her arse, then its into the workshop where he suspends her arms above her head and gags her, then he whips and flogs her pussy hard ...Then he adds a breast clamp and tightens it and torments her nipples before sitting down and enjoying a well earned cigarette !!!

Ballet Boots

Master Keith and Slave Leia17:39 minutesBDSM
Ballet Boots 0
Ballet Boots 1
Ballet Boots 2
Ballet Boots 3
Ballet Boots 4

Leia is taken naked by Master Keith to his dungeon, here she is put into a corset, a corset gag, long leather gloves and of course BALLET BOOTS, then she is tormented by the great Master himself.

Ballet Boot Training 0
Ballet Boot Training 1
Ballet Boot Training 2
Ballet Boot Training 3
Ballet Boot Training 4

Master Kieth has decided it is time that Mistress Rach learnt to walk in ballet boots, firstly he laces her corset tightly then its on with those ballet boots....she totters and struggles and nearly falls over but he wont let stop until she masters the art..

Hoots Hollaring

Mistress Demonic and Mr Hoot4:17 minutesFemdom
Hoots Hollaring 0
Hoots Hollaring 1
Hoots Hollaring 2
Hoots Hollaring 3
Hoots Hollaring 4

Mr Hoot has been hooting & hollaring and making a noise so disturbing Goddess Demonic's afternoon Siesta, so she goes down to the dungeon and makes him bend over the whipping bench and canes his arse making him hollar all over again !

Ponygirl Workshop

Master Keith15:59 minutesBDSM
Ponygirl Workshop 0
Ponygirl Workshop 1
Ponygirl Workshop 2
Ponygirl Workshop 3
Ponygirl Workshop 4

Master Keith takes his ponygirls into the woods to play, he ties them to tree's , whips and torments them, then its back to his workshop for some trotting and exercise but he gets bored so harnesses one up and takes her out in the streets for all the passersby to see !!!

Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  0
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  1
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  2
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  3
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  4

Ms E.Vie is one of the UK's leading Domina & she is not at all happy the her slave has kept her waiting ... But Danielle finally arrives and is made to lick Mistress's boots before stripping off and being taken to the dungeon dragged by her hair !!! Once there she is put on the whipping bench and a good spanking, paddling and caning ensue, then she is allowed to worship Ms E.Vies latex clad arse...