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It begins with a naked slave Leia in an old car workshop, a piece of garage apperatus up her cunt, its hydrolic and goes deeper and deeper in her ...Then Mistress Persia adds mouse traps to her cunt lips and torments her and fingers her before  her strap on is worn and Leia gets fucked and is made to deep throat the rubber cock...

Suspended by her Tits

Master Keith14:32 minutesBDSM
Suspended by her Tits 0
Suspended by her Tits 1
Suspended by her Tits 2
Suspended by her Tits 3
Suspended by her Tits 4

Master Keith ties up his slave by her tits.. and then uses them to suspend her..

The Correction Part Two Finale 0
The Correction Part Two Finale 1
The Correction Part Two Finale 2
The Correction Part Two Finale 3
The Correction Part Two Finale 4

Master Keith has used needles on karinas pussy and now he moved upards and onwards to her tits . . . he puts needles into her nipples and ises chains too ..

The Correction Part One 0
The Correction Part One 1
The Correction Part One 2
The Correction Part One 3
The Correction Part One 4

Master Keith begins by using purple rope and tying karina up ... then he takes some needles and uses them on her pussy lips!!... well she has been using her cunt far too much ...

Woodland Fright

Master Keith6:48 minutesBDSM
Woodland Fright 0
Woodland Fright 1
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Woodland Fright 3
Woodland Fright 4

Its down to the woods for slave sophie and Master Keith.. after all treee's are so good to use for putting a female slave in bongage! Master covered her head as he thinks she is ugly nd does not want to scare the wildlife and then he ties her tits up and torments her.

The Crush ...

Master Keith and Slave Ana10:43 minutesBDSM
The Crush ... 0
The Crush ... 1
The Crush ... 2
The Crush ... 3
The Crush ... 4

Master Keith begins by putting a rope tightly round Slave Anas huge tits, he wraps it round and round so her tits sit high ..Then he makes her kneel and her bound titss lay on it while he crushes them with his heavy boots... She is made to lay on her back while he crushes the tits even more...

Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 0
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 1
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 2
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 3
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, he puts her over the whipping horse and gives her plump arse a good hard spanking before taking a flogger and using that too ...Then he suspends her from the crucifix and fixes up a fucking machine which he then aims right at her cunt and she is soon being fucked well and truly by the machine devil.

Geisha's Tormented Breasts 0
Geisha's Tormented Breasts 1
Geisha's Tormented Breasts 2
Geisha's Tormented Breasts 3
Geisha's Tormented Breasts 4
Slave Raven is suspended by her breasts in a clamp. Watch her twist and swing as Master Keith winches her up! He clips up her ankles as well so she is suspended helplessly in Demonic's Dungeon. Raven is left to dangle for a long time until Master Keith takes pity on her and lets her down. Next he puts in a diamond butt plug and beats her arse with a flogger. Next her wrists are clipped to the ceiling and Master Keith puts mousetraps onto her nipples. She is made to kneel on a whipping bench then Master Keith plays with her pussy and restrains her legs. She is left there in a real bondage predicament!