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Miss Serenity is a beautiful young dominatrix. But young or not, that does not stop her putting Slave John well and truly through his paces! Foot worship, wax play, spanking and a whole lot more

The Burning 0
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Mistress Demonic is hot. Well, on this occasion so is slave ashtray! She starts by making him apply a pig snout on his face, along with plenty of verbal, he is shaking and as usual does not get it right. A good dose of the cane does not help, but Mistress wont stop there...

She is is disgusted at the amount of hair on him. She begins to burn it off with a match, before dragging him into the other side of the dungeon and giving him a good hard caning... Then it's more matches, and more hair removal!

Along with putting her cigarette out on his cock and making him eat the ash, and more caning. This is not to be missed!


The Flaming Pig 0
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The Flaming Pig 4

Mistress Demonic has her new slave in the dungeon and she intends to have alot of fun! And she is not on her own, because the beautiful Lady Trinity is also present, so they humiliate him, use him as an ashtray and a give him a bowl of Mistresses champagne that should be savoured...  But its when the evil pair drag him over to the medical area the fun really starts and things really HOT UP!

The Sounds

Mistress Demonic16:27 minutesFemdom
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 Mistress Demonic and True Severity have a slave in their dungeon who needs to be punished, he's already cuffed to the bench and then they tie up his balls to his spread legs. They then try out their collection of sounds on him, seeing how much he can take.

Return of the Diabolical Dommes 0
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 The Diabolical Dommes are back for another round of punishing their slave...

Mistresses Train Horsey 0
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Mistresses Train Horsey 2

Mistresses have a new pony, and they're making sure he's properly trained for the job of carrying the precious cargo that is the mistresses round the dungeon.

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Worship Mistresses' Feet 4

Slave has been caught masturbating over shoes. He is verbally degraded and riddiculed, has nipple clamps attached. He is made to lick E.vie's boots, he is then asked to make weird noises. He then licks and and sucks Danhella's feet and toes. He is trampled on and sucks Ms.Demonics toes.

Branded Runaway Slave Dog 0
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Mistress Demonic and Miss Cameo have a pathetic piece of meat to deal with today - a useless slave dog that ran away and has finally realised that he can't live without his beautiful mistresses. Unlucky for him, Mistress Demonic and Miss Cameo are absolutely furious at his insolence and punish him in a range of evil and cruel ways. He is burned, serves as an ashtray slave and is branded for his Mistress' pleasure. One thing's for certain - he'll never run away again!

Double Domme Nettled  0
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Mistress Deville arrives in the dungeon with slave J, already there is Mistress Persia with slave Alan, J is fastened to the swinging bench and beaten with a crop while slave Alan is being tormented by Persia... Soon De Ville grans some stinging nettles and uses them on her slaves cunt and tits ...

The Prisoners Torment

13:21 minutesFemdom
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The Prisoners Torment 4

Kurdy is in the cage in the dungeon,  and MIstress Demonic dressed in soft leather in the form of a skirt and uniform jacket arrives and decides to let him out, firstly she uses him as an ashtray, flicking her ash into his hand while giving him plenty of verbal humiliation, she torments and taunts him before pushing him to the floor and taking a prison strap to him, she sits on him and beats his arse then allows the priveledge of worshipping and kissing her feet.