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With Master Keith, Mistress Roxi and Mistress Alicia to deal with its looking like its just got Crystals day at all , she is dragged trough the woods, tied up to a tree and then flogged and whipped by all three of rhe Dominants... But thats not all, because Mistress Roxi soon has her strap on at the ready and despite the pleases poor Crystal gets fucked

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Mistress Petra has two very cute slavegirls, and if youl ove tit bondage you will love seeing sophia with her huge tits tied up, then there is pussy licking ghalore as Mistress has slave emm  suck and lick sophias pussy ...

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Mistress Petra catches her 2 slavegirls playing with each other in HER Dungeon, she is not happy so she ties the 2 up and spanks tem while verbally humiliating the pair, then she calls for slave sophia to perform a sexy pole dance while she sits on her throne and masturbates and plays with her nipples...

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Slaee Rhiannon is sent to shave her pussy but the silly slave can't help playing with herself and of course nothing misses the watchful eyes of the Demonic one... She soon had Rhiannon and Danielle in her dungeon and out comes the enema kit.. but this will be an enema with a differance as you will soon see when Rhiannon is dragged outside quickly followed by Danielle !!!

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Part one fo a two part Nurse secenario....Naughty Nurse Suzi loves her female patients, and a good medical examniation is all part of the fun, pump up dildos and some hot lesbian action !

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Slave Sophia is supposed to be preparing herself for her mistress, but as usual she is masturbating, unfortuneately or fortuneately Mistress catches her!, After pissing on her slave Mistress then demands that Sophia go to her chambers, once there Mistress uses her sharp heels on the girls tits and pussy but lucky Sophia gets to please her mistress !!... Lots of lip action here ...