Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 0
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 1
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 2
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 3
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 4

Ms Danielle has alot of problems with her boyfriend Toby, he just cannot stop playing with himself, so she takes him along to Mistress E.Vie to see if something can be done to stop him ... Toby is made to strip by Ms E.Vie and she prods his cock with her cane before putting him over the whipping bench and giving him a good old fashioned spanking and caning with the help of Misress Danhella! ... But those are not the only implements that are used, because a tawse and assortment of paddles also come into play none too gently either... Poor Toby! ...

He is eventually taken from the whipping bench and made to lick Ms E.Vie's latex clad legs, then the evil pair put him on the rack, his cock and balls have electrodes added and while the current is going through him Ms E.Vie paddles his now hard cock... More electrodes are added and the current turned up somewhat, he is soon wriggling and moaning!

Blackcurrant & Blackcurrant Roll 0
Blackcurrant & Blackcurrant Roll 1
Blackcurrant & Blackcurrant Roll 2
Blackcurrant & Blackcurrant Roll 3
Blackcurrant & Blackcurrant Roll 4

One for lovers of all things latex and inflateables!!.. Gimp is put into his latex blow up ball, the three  Goddesses have fun rolling him around, sittingo n him and genrally enjoying his predicament

Batman Caught in Demonic's Web (Episode Two) 0
Batman Caught in Demonic's Web (Episode Two) 1
Batman Caught in Demonic's Web (Episode Two) 2
Batman Caught in Demonic's Web (Episode Two) 3
Batman Caught in Demonic's Web (Episode Two) 4

Episode Two of Batman in the Demonic oNe's Web, he is still in tight bondage and going no where fast !!... She eventually unties him only to floor him and tie him tightly once more, he struggles and struggles .... But does he escape??...

Comet Caught Masturbating 0
Comet Caught Masturbating 1
Comet Caught Masturbating 2
Comet Caught Masturbating 3
Comet Caught Masturbating 4

Slave Comet is locked in the cage in his Mistress's Dungeon, she arrives and gives him a good verbal telling off before letting him out...  Mistress knows he has masturbated without permission, and she will punish him without question for the misdeed... After making him kiss her feet she ties him to the crucifix, on go the nipple clamps and weights and she wastes no time in tightly tying up his cock and balls passing the rope through a ceiling ring and hanging a VERY heavy weight on the end of it !!!.. Some severe CBT follws and she rubs deep heat all over his cock and balls ...

Mistresses Pig Bag.  0
Mistresses Pig Bag.  1
Mistresses Pig Bag.  2
Mistresses Pig Bag.  3
Mistresses Pig Bag.  4

If you are into total incarseration with leather and rubber then this is not to be missed, icy bitch Mistress Cruilla quietly sarcastic, nastily humiliating.....

Mistress Cruilla enters the dungeon, takes one look at the slale and immediately puts a latex hood on him. She goes and sits on her throne and tells him she has had a hard day and wants a smoke, he does not move, that antagonises her and she tells him to "Come here", he crawls to her feet, gets a cigarette and lighter and she lights it and sends him to kneel away from her... She sends him for the bodybag and tells him to get in it , she zips it up slowly while telling him what she thinks ...and closes the poppers on the hood all the while admonishing him, then she takes some rope and pulls it tight so the slave cannot move inside the bag . . . .She treads on him, sits on him, and even hits him while he is inside the bag....

Nurses Discipline . . .  0
Nurses Discipline . . .  1
Nurses Discipline . . .  2
Nurses Discipline . . .  3
Nurses Discipline . . .  4

Mistress Danhella and Miss Sin turn into the nurses from hell !!!.. Slave Toby is well and truly disciplined with the 2 bitches arriving and removing him from thre gyne chair, he is then tied spreadeagled to the suspension frame where clothes pegs are put on his cock and clamps and weights onto his balls ... And it does NOT stop there..