Submissive Nightmare 0
Submissive Nightmare 1
Submissive Nightmare 2
Submissive Nightmare 3
Submissive Nightmare 4

 J has misbehaved, and been surly and rude as usual. And now it's payback time. Ms Rachel takes her down from where she left her, and takes her into the upper room, where she is put into bondage. Arm spreaders are used, as are leg speaders, and Ms Rachel soon teaches J a lesson...

The Pigs Caning 0
The Pigs Caning 1
The Pigs Caning 2
The Pigs Caning 3
The Pigs Caning 4

Slave Ashtray has once again managed to piss Mistress Demonic off. Do she enlists the help of the beautiful Lady Trinty to help punish him... Along with some verbal humiliation the Mistresses give him a good caning, amongst other things!

Leanne's Interview 0
Leanne's Interview 1
Leanne's Interview 2
Leanne's Interview 3
Leanne's Interview 4

Transvestite Leanne has been sent by her Mistress in the USA to England. Once there she is to get herself a job and send what she earns back to her Mistress. Leanne buys a newspaper and begins to job hunt and she thinks she may have found one that will suit her perfectly, it's in Customer Satisfaction.. But this job is not all it seems! Leanne secures herself an interview and meets Mistress Demonic for the 1st time (It wont be her last either!)... Leanne is overjoyed and calls her Mistress, she feels something is not quite right with this job, but beggers can't be choosers and a job is a job ...

In the follow up *Leannes First Day* you will soon see what happens!

Batman's Demonic démettre,  0
Batman's Demonic démettre,  1
Batman's Demonic démettre,  2
Batman's Demonic démettre,  3
Batman's Demonic démettre,  4

Batman is not always a good guy, he has infiltrated her dungeon and now Mistress Demonic has him in her evil clutches she is not going to let him go to easily... Along with some tight rope bondage and a fight which lands her on the floor she soon decides its time he learnt his lesson...

The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 0
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 1
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 2
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 3
The Pig Ashtrays Dilemma 4

It would seem Slave Ashtray has a bit of a dilemma on his hands, with not one, but two beautiful Bitches to keep him in line! He is such a pig he has been put in a pig mask & Mistress Demonic is leading him into the dungeon for some deserved punishment, with Lady Trinity following behind and beating his fat useless arse with her crop!

Once in the dungeon he is put over the whipping bench and tied to it, then both Dominas beat his arse with a paddle and crop. Before he is caned he is sprayed with deodorant as MD thinks he stinks!... Then its a good hard caning on his arse, followed by a heavy paddle used none to gently, well it certainly makes the pig squeal!... Then both ladies enjoy a cigarette while humiliating him, the chain flogger is used while MD is telling Lady Trinity about her new aquisition, both go to look at it leaving the pig over the whipping bench to await their return...

They return sometime later, and out come the canes again, used of course on the pigs arse... And its not over yet! They take him off the bench, use him as an ashtray, make him eat the cigarette ends, all the while verbally humiliating him, make him lap piss from a bowl, stand on him, and finally take him to the stainless steel foor and make him lay on it before subjecting him to lit matches and cigarettes being put out on his body...

Bum Hole Stretch 0
Bum Hole Stretch 1
Bum Hole Stretch 2
Bum Hole Stretch 3
Bum Hole Stretch 4

Slave Annika is about to meet Mr B Stretch, and the clue is of course in the name! With anal toys of all sizes, usually large in his case, he comes along to aid Master Keith in the stretching of Annika's arsehole! Up the wooden plugs go , getting larger and larger and there is on occasion the addition of pretty things to make her stretched arsehole look pretty ... One for anal fans !

The Unit of Correction Part Two 0
The Unit of Correction Part Two 1
The Unit of Correction Part Two 2
The Unit of Correction Part Two 3
The Unit of Correction Part Two 4

It seems is more work for Matron and her co-horts... On with a prisoner tabard, and then it is punishment time for another inmate.. Caning seems a good option for this naughty lady.

Double Domme Nettled  0
Double Domme Nettled  1
Double Domme Nettled  2
Double Domme Nettled  3
Double Domme Nettled  4

Mistress Deville arrives in the dungeon with slave J, already there is Mistress Persia with slave Alan, J is fastened to the swinging bench and beaten with a crop while slave Alan is being tormented by Persia... Soon De Ville grans some stinging nettles and uses them on her slaves cunt and tits ...

Woodland Fright  0
Woodland Fright  1
Woodland Fright  2
Woodland Fright  3
Woodland Fright  4

All is quiet in the woods, well nearly...Suddenly from the trees Master Keith appears and he is not alone, he is dragging Sophia Ballare along and it is not long before her tits are tighly tied and she is then tied to a tree !!!!.. but is she left alone????

Tied Titty Pussy Lick  0
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  1
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  2
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  3
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  4

Mistress Petra has two very cute slavegirls, and if youl ove tit bondage you will love seeing sophia with her huge tits tied up, then there is pussy licking ghalore as Mistress has slave emm  suck and lick sophias pussy ...