Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  0
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  1
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  2
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  3
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  4

It is the birthday of one of Mistress Jolenes slavegirls! So Mistress Decides to celebrate, and of course when there is a birthday there has to be candles... Today is not the exception, certainly when the slavegirl becomes her own birthday cake!

Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 0
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 1
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 2
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 3
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 4

Double Domme fun with Mistress Demonic who catherizes her slave as he pisses too much. Not wanting to be left out of the fun her friend joins in, and uses her strap on to fuck the female slave.

The Unit of Correction Part One 0
The Unit of Correction Part One 1
The Unit of Correction Part One 2
The Unit of Correction Part One 3
The Unit of Correction Part One 4

When you misbeave there is only one thing for it, off to the Correction unit for punishment... Matron books in the offender, she is humiliated and told what will now happen... panties off and so we begin ...

The Hoot Suite 0
The Hoot Suite 1
The Hoot Suite 2
The Hoot Suite 3
The Hoot Suite 4

Mr Hoot, get undressed please, now dont take all day ...Dokor Demonik & Nurse GMK decide that Mr Hoots apendage is so small something must be done ... undressed and on the couch Mr Hoot it is decided needs to undergo radical surgery.. his penis is neither use nor ornament decide Doktor Demonik & Nurse GMK..So on go the latex gloves after all we do not want to be touching that thing with our bare hands.. while Doktor prepares her trolly Mr Hoot's penis is further examined by Nurse, ermm I don't think it works Doktor ..  its out with the latex gloves and the sutures, Mr Hoot now breathe in & out, in & out, that's right, now your operation is nearly over... Nurse GMK  reassures Mr Hoot while Doktor Demonik carries on sutering Mr Hoot... he is going to make a much better  lady than he does a man!!!        

Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 0
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 1
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 2
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 3
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, he puts her over the whipping horse and gives her plump arse a good hard spanking before taking a flogger and using that too ...Then he suspends her from the crucifix and fixes up a fucking machine which he then aims right at her cunt and she is soon being fucked well and truly by the machine devil.