Woodland Fright  0
Woodland Fright  1
Woodland Fright  2
Woodland Fright  3
Woodland Fright  4

All is quiet in the woods, well nearly...Suddenly from the trees Master Keith appears and he is not alone, he is dragging Sophia Ballare along and it is not long before her tits are tighly tied and she is then tied to a tree !!!!.. but is she left alone????

Batman Captured

54:47 minutesFemdom
Batman Captured 0
Batman Captured 1
Batman Captured 2
Batman Captured 3
Batman Captured 4

Goddess Demonic has caught Batman by laying a trap !!... The Green Goddess has changed sides and is now helping Goddess Demonic to humiliate and torment poor Batman. he is tied up, heckled, flogged and has smoke blown in his face .. he manages to escape his bonds only to have Goddess Demonic recapture and subject him to more and more humiliation and whipping ..

Autumns Debt

Master Keith16:54 minutesBDSM
Autumns Debt 0
Autumns Debt 1
Autumns Debt 2
Autumns Debt 3
Autumns Debt 4

Master Keith brings Slave Autunm to an old workshop in the boot of his car, once there he takes her from the boot and into the garden and spanks her arse, then its into the workshop where he suspends her arms above her head and gags her, then he whips and flogs her pussy hard ...Then he adds a breast clamp and tightens it and torments her nipples before sitting down and enjoying a well earned cigarette !!!

Ballet Boots

Master Keith and Slave Leia17:39 minutesBDSM
Ballet Boots 0
Ballet Boots 1
Ballet Boots 2
Ballet Boots 3
Ballet Boots 4

Leia is taken naked by Master Keith to his dungeon, here she is put into a corset, a corset gag, long leather gloves and of course BALLET BOOTS, then she is tormented by the great Master himself.

Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 0
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 1
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 2
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 3
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 4

Mistress Danhella and Ms E.Vie decide its time the Puppy was trained, he is so badly behaved, he pisses on the furniture and just does not do anything right... Before long his cock and balls are tied up nd he is made to beg and so much more ....