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Mistress Petra has a couple of slavegirls to punish and also give a little bit of a reward. Mistress has Slave Sophia bought down to the dungeon and tied up to the ceiling, then hangs weights off her pussy lips. Mistress then brings Slave Emm down to give Sophia a little bit of a treat by eating her out. Mistress then spanks and flogs both of them, after putting Slave Emm in an arm binder. Finally Slave Emm gives Slave Sophia a bit more attention with her tongue.


Mistress Demonic17:21 minutesFemdom
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 Mistress and her fellow doms have a slave in to worship their feet...

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Slave has been caught masturbating over shoes. He is verbally degraded and riddiculed, has nipple clamps attached. He is made to lick E.vie's boots, he is then asked to make weird noises. He then licks and and sucks Danhella's feet and toes. He is trampled on and sucks Ms.Demonics toes.

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Slave Leo is in the Demoni One's dungeon, here she puts him in arm bags and fastens his arms behind his back, ankle cuffs are put on and his legs spread wide with a leg spreader. She leaves him his arms pulled up so he has to bend over and returns later to remove the arm binders, and leg irons but its not over for slave Leo just yet for she has him dress in stockings and shoes and massage her feet and legs... He fetches some rope and Mistress ties him up, puts in a ball gag then he takes him to the cage and locks him in it ....

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Mistress Demonic has her good friend Lady Trinity visiting so she takes her to meet the slave pig!, Oh my god what is that exclaims Lady Trinity... So its out of the cage with him while the ladies have some fun at his expence.. He is mae to clean Lady Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her lighter!, a candle is handy for removing hair too, so along with alot of verbal humiliation, ball busting and shoe cleaning its just not the slaves day at all . . .