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Mistress Danhella already has Slave Rhiannon tied to the St Andrews Cross in her dungeon. So one more female to deal with will not be a problem... Rhiannon soon feels the wrath of mistress as she pinches and twists her already very sore nipples... And Miss Sin is going to be made to suffer in more ways than one!

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Master Keith just can't stand black coffee, but there is no milk, well not in the fridge...But he knows how to get some albeit a little unconventionally, and the slavegirl will provide it!.. Direct from tit to cup with some torment along the way ... Cunt torment and fingering, and 2 slavegirls!

Female Prisoners Dilemma

17:44 minutesBDSM
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It certainly is a dilemma for Sahara and her cohort, the prison guard is quite a ruthless character and he wastes no time in tying the hapless Sahara to a cross and stripping her of her clothing ... Her nipples are the first thing to be tormented, twisted and then on go the clamps.  Her pussy is also adorned with clamps then out comes the cane .... But is wont stop there, a female guard arrives and its a fucking machine, flogging and hard arse treatment abounding ...

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Is it Ms Jolenes birthday and of course where there is a birthday there must be candles!... But these candles will not be on a cake, because Jolene desides to insert them in her pussy !!... watch the wax run ...

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Pretty Slavegirl Charlie is on the cross when Master Keith arrives and takers her down telling her to go and get changed and fetch Slave Rhiannon to him ... The slavegirl dutifully obliges and once back in the dungeon Rhiannon is made put her head under Masters throne while he spanks her bottom, then she has to worship her feloow slaves shoes, feet and legs. Then Charlie makes Rhiannon play 'Fetch ' like a puppy giggling at Rhiannon and having fun ...But its not over yet ..... Rhiannon is suspended by her ankles and wrists by Master and a gag added for good measure while Charlie flogs the gilrs pussy then pushes her to and fro using her feet!!... Master Keith then fingers the girl to orgasm and bites her tits, then he relases her arms and re-suspends her by her ankles, a candle is put in her pussy and lit and pegs put on her labia ....

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Master Keith in an archived film not often released for public viewing... Here he has two beautiful female slaves, there is spanking, well why do it yourself when a slave is just as capable..speculums up pussys, suspension, and what on earth is that green light up the slaves cunt?

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Take two pretty slavegirls, one Master Keith, some pretty ingenious pieces of equipment, mix them together and you have a pretty exciting time!, well Master Keith does !!... The crack of the bullwhip soon has both slavegirls scuttling down from the high bed , they kneel by Master on his throne and Ana soon has a contraption around her neck that also holds her hands up byy her face, but its Gems' hairy pussy thats the problem, but not for long ! ....

Three Slavegirls and a Butt Plug 0
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Master Keith has 3 pretty slavegirls in his dungeon and is going to have some fun... Slave Rhiannon is lapping from a dog bowl and Slave Charlie begings to spank her cute arse, then it is butt plug at the ready and up rhiannons arse it goes, more paddling and cropping follows....meanwhile he suspends another to the cross, ties rhiannon to the spanking bench and punishments abound...

Enema Blues ... 0
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Slaee Rhiannon is sent to shave her pussy but the silly slave can't help playing with herself and of course nothing misses the watchful eyes of the Demonic one... She soon had Rhiannon and Danielle in her dungeon and out comes the enema kit.. but this will be an enema with a differance as you will soon see when Rhiannon is dragged outside quickly followed by Danielle !!!

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2 female Sslaves one Demonic Mistress...And Dannie is in big trouble, to make matters worse it was Slave Sophia that told Mistress of Dannies misdeeds, so its outside, a telling off and getting pissed on for Dannie, back inside Miss Cameo is all ready to help out as well ....Of course that is not all but you will have to watch to find out !!!