Woodland Torment

Master Keith16:26 minutesBDSM
Woodland Torment 0
Woodland Torment 1
Woodland Torment 2
Woodland Torment 3
Woodland Torment 4

If slaves go down to the woods... And Master Keith is present, which he is on this occasion, it can only spell TORMENT! Pony training, whipping, over a tree!

Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 0
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 1
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 2
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 3
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 4

Master Keith has decided it is time Slave Danielle had her pussy fisted. But before he can do that he has to stretch it! He begins with a pump up dildo, and laughs as he sees how much he can blow that up! Then to top everything off, there is a lava lamp, what will he do with that?

The BDSM Garage

Master Keith14:19 minutesBDSM
The BDSM Garage 0
The BDSM Garage 1
The BDSM Garage 2
The BDSM Garage 3
The BDSM Garage 4

 The slave girls get some mechnical assistance at the garage...

Shower Paddling 0
Shower Paddling 1
Shower Paddling 2
Shower Paddling 3
Shower Paddling 4

 Slave Rhiannon is caught masturbating whilst shaving her pussy in the shower, little does she know she's in for the paddling of her life from Mistress Demonic.

Lesbian in the Woods 0
Lesbian in the Woods 1
Lesbian in the Woods 2
Lesbian in the Woods 3
Lesbian in the Woods 4

 Master Keith, Mistress Alicia and Mistress Roxi take slave Crystal out to the woods, lead her by her collar and put her cuffs on. Then they tie her to a tree and flogging and paddle her and then Master plays with her pussy.

Mistresses' Coffee Table 0
Mistresses' Coffee Table 1
Mistresses' Coffee Table 2
Mistresses' Coffee Table 3
Mistresses' Coffee Table 4

 Mistresses use a slave girl as their coffee table to have a couple of coffees on.

The Correction Part Two Finale 0
The Correction Part Two Finale 1
The Correction Part Two Finale 2
The Correction Part Two Finale 3
The Correction Part Two Finale 4

Master Keith has used needles on karinas pussy and now he moved upards and onwards to her tits . . . he puts needles into her nipples and ises chains too ..

The Correction Part One 0
The Correction Part One 1
The Correction Part One 2
The Correction Part One 3
The Correction Part One 4

Master Keith begins by using purple rope and tying karina up ... then he takes some needles and uses them on her pussy lips!!... well she has been using her cunt far too much ...

Masters Slave Girl Spanked 0
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 1
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 2
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 3
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 4

Pretty Charlie is Master Keiths new slave girl, a cute blonde with an even cuter arse.. He begins by tying her up to the cross and then it is over the whipping horse for a spanking..

Double Domme Nettled  0
Double Domme Nettled  1
Double Domme Nettled  2
Double Domme Nettled  3
Double Domme Nettled  4

Mistress Deville arrives in the dungeon with slave J, already there is Mistress Persia with slave Alan, J is fastened to the swinging bench and beaten with a crop while slave Alan is being tormented by Persia... Soon De Ville grans some stinging nettles and uses them on her slaves cunt and tits ...