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Slave Leo is in the Demoni One's dungeon, here she puts him in arm bags and fastens his arms behind his back, ankle cuffs are put on and his legs spread wide with a leg spreader. She leaves him his arms pulled up so he has to bend over and returns later to remove the arm binders, and leg irons but its not over for slave Leo just yet for she has him dress in stockings and shoes and massage her feet and legs... He fetches some rope and Mistress ties him up, puts in a ball gag then he takes him to the cage and locks him in it ....

Mistresses Pig Bag.  0
Mistresses Pig Bag.  1
Mistresses Pig Bag.  2
Mistresses Pig Bag.  3
Mistresses Pig Bag.  4

If you are into total incarseration with leather and rubber then this is not to be missed, icy bitch Mistress Cruilla quietly sarcastic, nastily humiliating.....

Mistress Cruilla enters the dungeon, takes one look at the slale and immediately puts a latex hood on him. She goes and sits on her throne and tells him she has had a hard day and wants a smoke, he does not move, that antagonises her and she tells him to "Come here", he crawls to her feet, gets a cigarette and lighter and she lights it and sends him to kneel away from her... She sends him for the bodybag and tells him to get in it , she zips it up slowly while telling him what she thinks ...and closes the poppers on the hood all the while admonishing him, then she takes some rope and pulls it tight so the slave cannot move inside the bag . . . .She treads on him, sits on him, and even hits him while he is inside the bag....