Miss Sin in Trouble 0
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Miss Sin in Trouble 4

Mistress Danhella already has Slave Rhiannon tied to the St Andrews Cross in her dungeon. So one more female to deal with will not be a problem... Rhiannon soon feels the wrath of mistress as she pinches and twists her already very sore nipples... And Miss Sin is going to be made to suffer in more ways than one!

Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 0
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 1
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 2
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 3
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 4

Ms Danielle has alot of problems with her boyfriend Toby, he just cannot stop playing with himself, so she takes him along to Mistress E.Vie to see if something can be done to stop him ... Toby is made to strip by Ms E.Vie and she prods his cock with her cane before putting him over the whipping bench and giving him a good old fashioned spanking and caning with the help of Misress Danhella! ... But those are not the only implements that are used, because a tawse and assortment of paddles also come into play none too gently either... Poor Toby! ...

He is eventually taken from the whipping bench and made to lick Ms E.Vie's latex clad legs, then the evil pair put him on the rack, his cock and balls have electrodes added and while the current is going through him Ms E.Vie paddles his now hard cock... More electrodes are added and the current turned up somewhat, he is soon wriggling and moaning!

The Flaming Pig 0
The Flaming Pig 1
The Flaming Pig 2
The Flaming Pig 3
The Flaming Pig 4

Mistress Demonic has her new slave in the dungeon and she intends to have alot of fun! And she is not on her own, because the beautiful Lady Trinity is also present, so they humiliate him, use him as an ashtray and a give him a bowl of Mistresses champagne that should be savoured...  But its when the evil pair drag him over to the medical area the fun really starts and things really HOT UP!

Lesbian Gathering 0
Lesbian Gathering 1
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Lesbian Gathering 3
Lesbian Gathering 4

With Master Keith, Mistress Roxi and Mistress Alicia to deal with its looking like its just got Crystals day at all , she is dragged trough the woods, tied up to a tree and then flogged and whipped by all three of rhe Dominants... But thats not all, because Mistress Roxi soon has her strap on at the ready and despite the pleases poor Crystal gets fucked

Mr B Stetch ...

6:45 minutesBDSM
Mr B Stetch ... 0
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Mr B Stetch ... 4

Mr Stretch as the name suggests has a *thing* about female arseholes, here he has hand made wooden butt plugs, and of course they have to be inserted, poor Annika, up up up it does stretching her arse bigger and bigger ...

Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  0
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  1
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  2
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  3
Ms E.Vie Fists Danielle  4

Ms E.Vie is one of the UK's leading Domina & she is not at all happy the her slave has kept her waiting ... But Danielle finally arrives and is made to lick Mistress's boots before stripping off and being taken to the dungeon dragged by her hair !!! Once there she is put on the whipping bench and a good spanking, paddling and caning ensue, then she is allowed to worship Ms E.Vies latex clad arse...

Slavegirl Punished By Mistress Deville 0
Slavegirl Punished By Mistress Deville 1
Slavegirl Punished By Mistress Deville 2
Slavegirl Punished By Mistress Deville 3
Slavegirl Punished By Mistress Deville 4

Oh dear, Slave Polly is supposed to be working but Mistress DeVille has caught her in the pub. She is put on the St Andrews Cross and she gets a hard pussy flogging while Mistress tell hers off ... She is taken down and her breasts trampled, she then suspends the gilr by her ankles so her legs are wide open and puts a lit candle in her pussy so the hot wax drips on her.... Eventually Mistress removes the candle before putting the slaves breasts in a clamp and affixing it to the suspension and pullling her up so she is on her tip toes, a flogger is then used on slaves tits ....

The Pig In Trouble.  0
The Pig In Trouble.  1
The Pig In Trouble.  2
The Pig In Trouble.  3
The Pig In Trouble.  4

Mistress Demonic and her friend Lady Trinity arrive and Mistress Demonic introduces Trinity to her Slave pig.. Ohh my god where did you get THAT resounds Trinity.. The slave pig is in the cage and the ladies enjoy a cigarette and a glass of something before Mistress Demonic fetches the pig from the cage. He is told to clean and worship Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her cigarette, cigarette lighter and finally a candle. He is used as an ashtray and well and truly kicked in the balls after being made to stand in different positions ...before being locked back in the cage ...

Mistresses Pig Bag.  0
Mistresses Pig Bag.  1
Mistresses Pig Bag.  2
Mistresses Pig Bag.  3
Mistresses Pig Bag.  4

If you are into total incarseration with leather and rubber then this is not to be missed, icy bitch Mistress Cruilla quietly sarcastic, nastily humiliating.....

Mistress Cruilla enters the dungeon, takes one look at the slale and immediately puts a latex hood on him. She goes and sits on her throne and tells him she has had a hard day and wants a smoke, he does not move, that antagonises her and she tells him to "Come here", he crawls to her feet, gets a cigarette and lighter and she lights it and sends him to kneel away from her... She sends him for the bodybag and tells him to get in it , she zips it up slowly while telling him what she thinks ...and closes the poppers on the hood all the while admonishing him, then she takes some rope and pulls it tight so the slave cannot move inside the bag . . . .She treads on him, sits on him, and even hits him while he is inside the bag....

Lesbian Lair 0
Lesbian Lair 1
Lesbian Lair 2
Lesbian Lair 3
Lesbian Lair 4

Slave Sophia is in the bath shaving her pussy... Master Keith has already been in and told her to hurry up , but of course she just cant resist masturbating, but as she is about to cum in walks Mistress Persia and catches her.... She then starts to play with the slaves pussy herself and then climbs on the bath and pisses on her, then Sophia licks her Mistresses pussy... Sophia then goes to the Den where Mistress is awaiting her, she has Sophia pleasure her pussy again then torments the girls boobs with the heel of her shoe and torments her lcitoris before making Sophia lick and suck at her pussy once more ......