Bells, Swing and Flames! 0
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Bells, Swing and Flames! 4

Master Keith has decided to have some fun with Slave Ana, he humiliates her by hanging some bells to her pussy piercings. But thats obviously not all where Master Keith is concerned... He hangs a chalice from her pussy piercings and lights it, she has no choice but to swing it back and forth!

The Unit of Correction Part Two 0
The Unit of Correction Part Two 1
The Unit of Correction Part Two 2
The Unit of Correction Part Two 3
The Unit of Correction Part Two 4

It seems is more work for Matron and her co-horts... On with a prisoner tabard, and then it is punishment time for another inmate.. Caning seems a good option for this naughty lady.

The Crush ...

Master Keith and Slave Ana10:43 minutesBDSM
The Crush ... 0
The Crush ... 1
The Crush ... 2
The Crush ... 3
The Crush ... 4

Master Keith begins by putting a rope tightly round Slave Anas huge tits, he wraps it round and round so her tits sit high ..Then he makes her kneel and her bound titss lay on it while he crushes them with his heavy boots... She is made to lay on her back while he crushes the tits even more...