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Submissive Nightmare 4

 J has misbehaved, and been surly and rude as usual. And now it's payback time. Ms Rachel takes her down from where she left her, and takes her into the upper room, where she is put into bondage. Arm spreaders are used, as are leg speaders, and Ms Rachel soon teaches J a lesson...

Mistress Waits Part Two 0
Mistress Waits Part Two 1
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Mistress Waits Part Two 3
Mistress Waits Part Two 4


Crystal had kept her Mistress waiting and has already has a good hard paddling so her arse is red and sore and Mistress is still not finished, now she puts heavy weights onto crystals cunt lips , ties her up and leaves her like that for a very long time ...Mistress eventually returns, removes the weights and takes the hapless slave upstairs where she is made to massage and kiss Mistresses feet


Pussy Plucking Torment

14:49 minutesFemdom
Pussy Plucking Torment 0
Pussy Plucking Torment 1
Pussy Plucking Torment 2
Pussy Plucking Torment 3
Pussy Plucking Torment 4

Mistress Demonic is NOT happy with her slave girls, and has Ms Cameo in to help her out.. as Dannie cannot behave and has not shaved her pussy Mistress Demonic has something planned.. like plucking all the hairs from the slaves cunt !!.. one by one and she wont be doing it herself, sophie is going to do the plucking !!

The Correction Part One 0
The Correction Part One 1
The Correction Part One 2
The Correction Part One 3
The Correction Part One 4

Master Keith begins by using purple rope and tying karina up ... then he takes some needles and uses them on her pussy lips!!... well she has been using her cunt far too much ...

Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 0
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 1
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 2
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 3
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, he puts her over the whipping horse and gives her plump arse a good hard spanking before taking a flogger and using that too ...Then he suspends her from the crucifix and fixes up a fucking machine which he then aims right at her cunt and she is soon being fucked well and truly by the machine devil.