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Goddess Demonic and Mistress True Severity decide to do some ball crushing on their slave, so on goes the ball crusher, but they think its not enough so they tie some rope to the crusher, pass it through hooks in the ceiling and hand an old cast iron on it for good measure, Goddess even uses the rope to do some exercises on!... They put nipple clamps on him add weights to those... Then off comes the ball crusher  a latex glove is put onto his cock because he is dribbling on Mistress Demonics carpet, he becomes Chicken Dick!

Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  0
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  1
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  2
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  3
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl, but all she ever thinks about is getting fucked, and Master has an ingenious plan . . . . But before she will get a fuck he verbally humiliates her, mousetraps are put on her nipples and he hads an electric chastity belt for good measure, he soon has her dancing about as he shocks her pussy !!...  He suspends her from the crucifix, her legs held wide open and he sets off the fucking machine and leaves her to get well and truly fucked . . . .

Dannies Humiliation 0
Dannies Humiliation 1
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Dannies Humiliation 4

Mistress Demonic is furious, Slavegirl Dannie has been out the night before and got pissed and wet the bed... So Mistress is going ot make her pay for that indiscretion, she takes both her slavegirls outside, and gives Dannie a severe telling off, Dannie is made to lay on the cold concrete with Slave Sophia standing close by, Mistress soon gives Dannie a taste of watersports and pisses on her... But its not over yet, Dannie is sent to shower while Mistress takes Sophia back inside and to the dungeon, there watched and aided by Miss Cameo both girls get told off and punished...

The Prisoners Torment

13:21 minutesFemdom
The Prisoners Torment 0
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The Prisoners Torment 3
The Prisoners Torment 4

Kurdy is in the cage in the dungeon,  and MIstress Demonic dressed in soft leather in the form of a skirt and uniform jacket arrives and decides to let him out, firstly she uses him as an ashtray, flicking her ash into his hand while giving him plenty of verbal humiliation, she torments and taunts him before pushing him to the floor and taking a prison strap to him, she sits on him and beats his arse then allows the priveledge of worshipping and kissing her feet.

Hot Wax Sparkle 0
Hot Wax Sparkle 1
Hot Wax Sparkle 2
Hot Wax Sparkle 3
Hot Wax Sparkle 4

It would seem Mistress Demonic has a perchant for fireworks and hot wax !!, and Slave Comet will of course bear the brunt of both, made to lay face down on the floor he has no idea what Mistress is up to, she lights a sparkler and inserts it in his arse crack with the order of * keep you arse cheeks clenched*, the hot sparkles fall onto his sore caned arse ...Once it has died down Mistress then drips hot candle wax all over his bum cheeks ..Comet really is hot stuff !!

Rayleen in trouble... 0
Rayleen in trouble... 1
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Rayleen in trouble... 3
Rayleen in trouble... 4

Trans-sexual Rayleen has really pissed Master Keith off, and he wont put up with that .... It's out of the cage and into the dungeon where he certainly makes herp ay for running away !!... He begins but tying her tits up tightly, and tormenting them and her nipples till she is begging for mercy,. he gives her mercy but in return starts on her pussy !!... Master Keith at his best ...