The Pigs Caning 0
The Pigs Caning 1
The Pigs Caning 2
The Pigs Caning 3
The Pigs Caning 4

Slave Ashtray has once again managed to piss Mistress Demonic off. Do she enlists the help of the beautiful Lady Trinty to help punish him... Along with some verbal humiliation the Mistresses give him a good caning, amongst other things!

Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 0
Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 1
Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 2
Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 3
Oriental Slavegirl's Punishment... 4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl. Coco is a cute little thing but is in need of training, and so it begins... He soon has her naked and enlists the help of his cohort Mistress Persia. Suspension, cropping, flogging and much more soon follow! Mistress Sophia also arrives, so now it's three Doms, one slave. Anything can and does happen...

Batman Captured

54:47 minutesFemdom
Batman Captured 0
Batman Captured 1
Batman Captured 2
Batman Captured 3
Batman Captured 4

Goddess Demonic has caught Batman by laying a trap !!... The Green Goddess has changed sides and is now helping Goddess Demonic to humiliate and torment poor Batman. he is tied up, heckled, flogged and has smoke blown in his face .. he manages to escape his bonds only to have Goddess Demonic recapture and subject him to more and more humiliation and whipping ..

The Caning

Mistress Demonic and Slave Ashtray17:25 minutesFemdom
The Caning 0
The Caning 1
The Caning 2
The Caning 3
The Caning 4

Mistress Demonic and Ms Sophia begin by putting slave ashtray over the whipping bench, he is paddled , humiliated and caned hard... The 2 Doinatrix then decide to make him lay on the floor and use his body to drop lit matches on and put their cigarettes out on... Mistress Demonic demands he holds his cock up while she burns it with her cigarette...

Dicus Minimus and his catheter ...  0
Dicus Minimus and his catheter ...  1
Dicus Minimus and his catheter ...  2
Dicus Minimus and his catheter ...  3
Dicus Minimus and his catheter ...  4

Two nasty nurses and one slave Dicus Minimus ... The bitches arrive and Dicus is on the gyne chair, they make sure he is firmly strapped in before they start their diabolical deeds .. He is catheterised, verbally humiliated, a gas mask is added and he is made to smoke through it...

Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 0
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 1
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 2
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 3
Ms E.Vies Puppy Training 4

Mistress Danhella and Ms E.Vie decide its time the Puppy was trained, he is so badly behaved, he pisses on the furniture and just does not do anything right... Before long his cock and balls are tied up nd he is made to beg and so much more ....

The Pig Progresses. 0
The Pig Progresses. 1
The Pig Progresses. 2
The Pig Progresses. 3
The Pig Progresses. 4

Mistress Demonic has her good friend Lady Trinity visiting so she takes her to meet the slave pig!, Oh my god what is that exclaims Lady Trinity... So its out of the cage with him while the ladies have some fun at his expence.. He is mae to clean Lady Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her lighter!, a candle is handy for removing hair too, so along with alot of verbal humiliation, ball busting and shoe cleaning its just not the slaves day at all . . .

Recaptured Remorse... 0
Recaptured Remorse... 1
Recaptured Remorse... 2
Recaptured Remorse... 3
Recaptured Remorse... 4

One of the few movies where world renowned Domina Mistress Demonic and well known BDSM entrepreneur Master Keith star together, and it is difficult to decide who is the more sadistic... Trans-sexual Rayleen is sujected to tit torment, flogging, verbal humiliation and a whole lot more ....

Military Interrogation -Part Two 0
Military Interrogation -Part Two 1
Military Interrogation -Part Two 2
Military Interrogation -Part Two 3
Military Interrogation -Part Two 4

Its back to interrogating the female slave, Master Keith has his sidekick in to help ... She is tied to a chair, her nipples pulled and twisted, fed up of this Master Keith soon has her suspended and whips her pussy....

Slave Toby Caught Masturbating ... 0
Slave Toby Caught Masturbating ... 1
Slave Toby Caught Masturbating ... 2
Slave Toby Caught Masturbating ... 3
Slave Toby Caught Masturbating ... 4

Slave Toby just cannot stop masturbating so Mistress Danhella enlists the help of Ms EVie. CBT, hot wax, racking, bondage all helps Toby to forget about masturbating but only because his cock will be too painful to touch !!!!