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Ohhh dear me, the runt is in trouble, she did not expect to find the 3 young Mistresses in the dungeon when she sneaked in, and they are not oging to let runt get away with it, the 3 nasty bitches spank her, flog her put heavy weights on her pussy lips and genrally give her a hard time...

Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  0
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  1
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  2
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  3
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  4

Miss Cameo resplendant in leather thigh boots, leather corset and leather gloves brings Slavegirl Rhiannon down to her dungeon, once there the girl is made to put on cuffs then Ms Cameo put a collar around the slavegirls neck and attaches a lead... she then drags the girl and makes her lay on the floor before trampling on the girls tits ... Rhiannon is then taken to another part of the dungeon where Cameo sits astride her and spanks the girls arse a good cropping follows then Rhiannon is allowed to worship her Mistress's leather boots .... More psanking, clamps and weights are then put on the girls cunt and she is cropped.... Some ashtray service before being permitted to worship her Mistress's cunt . . . .