The Burning 0
The Burning 1
The Burning 2
The Burning 3
The Burning 4

Mistress Demonic is hot. Well, on this occasion so is slave ashtray! She starts by making him apply a pig snout on his face, along with plenty of verbal, he is shaking and as usual does not get it right. A good dose of the cane does not help, but Mistress wont stop there...

She is is disgusted at the amount of hair on him. She begins to burn it off with a match, before dragging him into the other side of the dungeon and giving him a good hard caning... Then it's more matches, and more hair removal!

Along with putting her cigarette out on his cock and making him eat the ash, and more caning. This is not to be missed!


Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 0
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 1
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 2
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 3
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 4

Master Keith has decided it is time Slave Danielle had her pussy fisted. But before he can do that he has to stretch it! He begins with a pump up dildo, and laughs as he sees how much he can blow that up! Then to top everything off, there is a lava lamp, what will he do with that?

Audrey Caught Whoring 0
Audrey Caught Whoring 1
Audrey Caught Whoring 2
Audrey Caught Whoring 3
Audrey Caught Whoring 4

Goddess has found out that Audrey has been whoring and is not happy & has demanded Audrey report to her chambers... on arrival Goddess drags the hapless slave over to the whipping bench by its cock and makes it lay face down, she grabs a paddle and sets to work with the punishment.. then its a good cropping ... Needles are then put in the already sore bum cheeks and candles added so Audery can be the birthday cake for Goddess Demonics friend... Then its over another whipping bench for more paddling and a good hard caning ...

Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 0
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 1
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 2
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 3
Slave Toby Caught Wanking - 30 min Version 4

Ms Danielle has alot of problems with her boyfriend Toby, he just cannot stop playing with himself, so she takes him along to Mistress E.Vie to see if something can be done to stop him ... Toby is made to strip by Ms E.Vie and she prods his cock with her cane before putting him over the whipping bench and giving him a good old fashioned spanking and caning with the help of Misress Danhella! ... But those are not the only implements that are used, because a tawse and assortment of paddles also come into play none too gently either... Poor Toby! ...

He is eventually taken from the whipping bench and made to lick Ms E.Vie's latex clad legs, then the evil pair put him on the rack, his cock and balls have electrodes added and while the current is going through him Ms E.Vie paddles his now hard cock... More electrodes are added and the current turned up somewhat, he is soon wriggling and moaning!

Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 0
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 1
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 2
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 3
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 4

Slave Rhiannon shouldn't have been caught masturbating without permission by Master Keith...

The Punishment of Geisha 0
The Punishment of Geisha 1
The Punishment of Geisha 2
The Punishment of Geisha 3
The Punishment of Geisha 4
Slave Raven is tied down to a whipping bench with a sparkling buttplug in her arse. Master Keith begins by spanking her, reddening her arse cheeks until they glow! Next he uses a paddle before moving up to a crop. Next mousetraps are put onto her tits and flicked and whipped. Finally she is tied up with her hands clipped to the ceiling and her knees tied to the whipping bench - a real bondage predicament!
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 0
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 1
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 2
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 3
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 4

Maitress Marlene gets John over the knee for a good old fashioned hand spanking which is humiliating enough, but she does not stop at just a hand spanking as she takes a leather paddle and uses it to very good effect and his arse is very very red and sore... Then she moves onto the leather strap and a good caning and finishes off with a good hard birching, so hard its doubtful whether John will sit down for a week or more.

Mistress Stascia's Slave

33:05 minutesFemdom
Mistress Stascia's Slave 0
Mistress Stascia's Slave 1
Mistress Stascia's Slave 2
Mistress Stascia's Slave 3
Mistress Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia decends to the dungeon where her slave is waiting, she passes him leather cuffs and tells him to put them on. she then puts a waist cincher on him and ties him to the whipping bench, and ties up his balls before passing the rope through a hook in the ceiling, weights are added to the end of the rope in the form of a house brick, she then paddles him soundly and rubs nasty stinging nettles all over his cock and balls, ass, and body.  She uses a crop and cane on him and shoves a butt plug up his arse..... She removes him from the bench and adds heavy weighted nipple clamps ....

The Slave is Late ... 0
The Slave is Late ... 1
The Slave is Late ... 2
The Slave is Late ... 3
The Slave is Late ... 4

One thing Godess Demonic hates is lateness, and if you are late for what ever reason do not bother making excuses because you WILL be punished as Slave Leo finds out much to his horror ... He is made to put on leather cuffs and quickly strapped to the whipping horse, where he is subjected to spanking, paddling and cropping on his arse.. He is then taken from the whipping horse and put up on the crucifix & nipple clapms put on his nipples, Goddess Demonic then grabs her electric box and fastens electrodes to his cock and balls and she has great fun turning the controls up and up !!!!!



Master Keith22:41 minutesDomination
Headmaster 0
Headmaster 1
Headmaster 2
Headmaster 3
Headmaster 4

Ms Montana is heartily sick of Bekki, she is untidy, her uniform a disgrace and she is so rude and cheeky. Ms Montana decides to report her to HeadMaster.. And of course he is not happy, he was enjoying his lunch, but reprimand he does so along with Ms Montana who points out the girls uniform is wrong, her panties are a thong she has high heels not and nothing is regulation !!... HeadMaster is standing for none of this and takes Becki and locks her in a cupboard ... He leaves her there for a while to think about the error of her ways ...She is let out and made to crawl to the classroom where HeadMaster then puts her over his knee and gives her arse a sound spanking and paddling, she is made to stand with her hands on her head before receiving another hard paddling then its over the desk for a strapping, her arse is soon glowing !! A good hard tawsing and cropping follow ...........