Submissive Nightmare 0
Submissive Nightmare 1
Submissive Nightmare 2
Submissive Nightmare 3
Submissive Nightmare 4

 J has misbehaved, and been surly and rude as usual. And now it's payback time. Ms Rachel takes her down from where she left her, and takes her into the upper room, where she is put into bondage. Arm spreaders are used, as are leg speaders, and Ms Rachel soon teaches J a lesson...

Mistress' New Girl Watches

30:56 minutesBDSM
Mistress' New Girl Watches 0
Mistress' New Girl Watches 1
Mistress' New Girl Watches 2
Mistress' New Girl Watches 3
Mistress' New Girl Watches 4
Mistress has a new slave girl to train, and another male slave to punish, so she brings them both to the dungeon to teach her slave girl what she's in for. She ties the slave girl to the St Andrews cross to watch as the male slave is told to cross dress for Mistress. Mistress then sends him to do the dishes whilst still in sissy wear so she can whip the slave girl. She then ties the slave's balls, whips him and attaches the rope from his balls to a suspension point and hangs weights from it. Mistress then mummifies him and runs claws over him. Finally Mistress pierces him through his upper back and runs a violet wand over his back and ass.
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 0
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 1
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 2
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 3
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 4

Pretty Charlie is Master Keiths new slave girl, a cute blonde with an even cuter arse.. He begins by tying her up to the cross and then it is over the whipping horse for a spanking..

Mistress Stascia's Slave

33:05 minutesFemdom
Mistress Stascia's Slave 0
Mistress Stascia's Slave 1
Mistress Stascia's Slave 2
Mistress Stascia's Slave 3
Mistress Stascia's Slave 4

Mistress Stascia decends to the dungeon where her slave is waiting, she passes him leather cuffs and tells him to put them on. she then puts a waist cincher on him and ties him to the whipping bench, and ties up his balls before passing the rope through a hook in the ceiling, weights are added to the end of the rope in the form of a house brick, she then paddles him soundly and rubs nasty stinging nettles all over his cock and balls, ass, and body.  She uses a crop and cane on him and shoves a butt plug up his arse..... She removes him from the bench and adds heavy weighted nipple clamps ....

The Lampstand

Master Keith4:14 minutesBDSM
The Lampstand 0
The Lampstand 1
The Lampstand 2
The Lampstand 3
The Lampstand 4

Master Keith makes one his slave girls into a Lamp Stand, she is very tightly corsetted, wearing very high stilettos and stockings, a hood is added, then a corset gag plus  arm binders ,  and a soon she is plugged into the electricty and lights up becoming his very own personal lamp !!!

Chinese Punishment ... 0
Chinese Punishment ... 1
Chinese Punishment ... 2
Chinese Punishment ... 3
Chinese Punishment ... 4

Beautiful Ms E.Vie is having none of it, she makes the slave kiss her boots then strip in the shop before grabbing her by the tit and dragging her down to the dungeon ... Once there she tells the slave off and puts her over the whipping bench and canes and paddles her arse hard... There is more boot licking and slave is made to lick Ms E.Vies rubber and is caned and beaten some more...

Ballet Boots

Master Keith and Slave Leia17:39 minutesBDSM
Ballet Boots 0
Ballet Boots 1
Ballet Boots 2
Ballet Boots 3
Ballet Boots 4

Leia is taken naked by Master Keith to his dungeon, here she is put into a corset, a corset gag, long leather gloves and of course BALLET BOOTS, then she is tormented by the great Master himself.

Bad Girls Shopping Trip 0
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 1
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 2
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 3
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 4

Naughty Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, so after drressing her in a tight corset its down to the dungeon , she is caged, her nipples tormented and she has writen on her chest *I am a Bad Girl*, Master Keith leaves her for a while to contempalte her bad ways, then he releases her and more torment this time on her pussy...

Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 0
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 1
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 2
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 3
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 4

Pretty Slavegirl Lou is taken to Master Keith, he soon has her in a corset and with a collar and lead... But it is not long before her huge tits are put into a tit clamp and it is tightened  he then adds some leather bondage mitts which he fastens to her ankle cuffs so she has no option but ot be bent over, a good arse spanking then follows... And it is not long before Master Keith has her suspended by tits and ankles with more torment to follow !!!...