The Unit of Correction Part Three 0
The Unit of Correction Part Three 1
The Unit of Correction Part Three 2
The Unit of Correction Part Three 3
The Unit of Correction Part Three 4

Matron will not stand any rudeness and neither will she let the inmate get away with misbehaving.. Its over the knees for a good hard spanking and then she uses the cane so the nimates arse is striped and sore.

The Interview

26:36 minutesFemdom
The Interview 0
The Interview 1
The Interview 2
The Interview 3
The Interview 4

Miss Bell goes for an interview as a goveness, on meeting Mrs Velvet she is somewhat surprised at the cinversation, but needs must and Miss Bell need this job.. Son Mrs Velvet shows Miss Bell exactly what she means by putting her over her knee and spanking herl ily white arse, then she bends Miss Bell over the desk and paddles her arse before finally making her bend over and touch her toes while being caned !!...

Jasper Cabbage Caned 0
Jasper Cabbage Caned 1
Jasper Cabbage Caned 2
Jasper Cabbage Caned 3
Jasper Cabbage Caned 4

Jasper Cabbage had been naughty so punishment must hapen and who better to dish out a good hard caning than Goddess Demonic ...she puts him over the whipping bench and subjects his arse to a torrent of caning !!..