Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 0
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 1
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 2
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 3
Rhiannon Caught Masturbating 4

Slave Rhiannon shouldn't have been caught masturbating without permission by Master Keith...

Mistress Waits 0
Mistress Waits 1
Mistress Waits 2
Mistress Waits 3
Mistress Waits 4

It does not do if you make Mistress wait for you, and punishment is the order of the day for crystal, she has made Mistress Alicia wait while she is off gallivanting with her friends, of course Mistress is very cross and takes the slave to her dungeon where she punishes the slave !!..

Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  0
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  1
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  2
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  3
Miss Cameo's Slavegirl . . .  4

Miss Cameo resplendant in leather thigh boots, leather corset and leather gloves brings Slavegirl Rhiannon down to her dungeon, once there the girl is made to put on cuffs then Ms Cameo put a collar around the slavegirls neck and attaches a lead... she then drags the girl and makes her lay on the floor before trampling on the girls tits ... Rhiannon is then taken to another part of the dungeon where Cameo sits astride her and spanks the girls arse a good cropping follows then Rhiannon is allowed to worship her Mistress's leather boots .... More psanking, clamps and weights are then put on the girls cunt and she is cropped.... Some ashtray service before being permitted to worship her Mistress's cunt . . . .

Three Slavegirls and a Butt Plug 0
Three Slavegirls and a Butt Plug 1
Three Slavegirls and a Butt Plug 2
Three Slavegirls and a Butt Plug 3
Three Slavegirls and a Butt Plug 4

Master Keith has 3 pretty slavegirls in his dungeon and is going to have some fun... Slave Rhiannon is lapping from a dog bowl and Slave Charlie begings to spank her cute arse, then it is butt plug at the ready and up rhiannons arse it goes, more paddling and cropping follows....meanwhile he suspends another to the cross, ties rhiannon to the spanking bench and punishments abound...

Branded Runaway Slavedog 0
Branded Runaway Slavedog 1
Branded Runaway Slavedog 2
Branded Runaway Slavedog 3
Branded Runaway Slavedog 4

The Slavedog has run away from Mistress Demonic and must pay the price for his misdeed, and pay he most certainly does.... He smells so she sprays him all over with deodorant and uses his hands to put out her cigarette along with Ms Cameo, they make him eat the cigarette ends, flick ash in his mouth, then the evil pair put him over the whipping bench and give his arse a really hard padlding using leather and rubber paddles, and a wooden one for good measure, he must be hungry so Demonic gives him a bowl of dog food and the pair then strike matches and use his body to put them out, his hair is burnt off and then comes the new toy Mistress Demonic bought on her way to the dungeon... DO NOT miss this its packed full of humiliation and hot stuff, especially when they set his bollocks on fire and give him a good ball kicking !!!