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Audrey Caught Whoring 4

Goddess has found out that Audrey has been whoring and is not happy & has demanded Audrey report to her chambers... on arrival Goddess drags the hapless slave over to the whipping bench by its cock and makes it lay face down, she grabs a paddle and sets to work with the punishment.. then its a good cropping ... Needles are then put in the already sore bum cheeks and candles added so Audery can be the birthday cake for Goddess Demonics friend... Then its over another whipping bench for more paddling and a good hard caning ...

Jasper Cabbage Caned 0
Jasper Cabbage Caned 1
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Jasper Cabbage Caned 3
Jasper Cabbage Caned 4

Jasper Cabbage had been naughty so punishment must hapen and who better to dish out a good hard caning than Goddess Demonic ...she puts him over the whipping bench and subjects his arse to a torrent of caning !!..

Chinese Punishment ... 0
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Chinese Punishment ... 3
Chinese Punishment ... 4

Beautiful Ms E.Vie is having none of it, she makes the slave kiss her boots then strip in the shop before grabbing her by the tit and dragging her down to the dungeon ... Once there she tells the slave off and puts her over the whipping bench and canes and paddles her arse hard... There is more boot licking and slave is made to lick Ms E.Vies rubber and is caned and beaten some more...

The Caning

Mistress Demonic and Slave Ashtray17:25 minutesFemdom
The Caning 0
The Caning 1
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The Caning 3
The Caning 4

Mistress Demonic and Ms Sophia begin by putting slave ashtray over the whipping bench, he is paddled , humiliated and caned hard... The 2 Doinatrix then decide to make him lay on the floor and use his body to drop lit matches on and put their cigarettes out on... Mistress Demonic demands he holds his cock up while she burns it with her cigarette...

Shopping Trip.. 0
Shopping Trip.. 1
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Shopping Trip.. 4

OK so The Deomnic One is a total bitch, but she does sometimes ( very rarely) have a kind side, here she takes Slavegirl Danielle on a shopping trip , but of ocurse the girl can't behave so in the shop Mistress punishes her along with buying a few things for herself and the slave ... However it all starts in the dungeon so before the trip punishments are well and truly handed out to two slavegirls and Ms Cameo lends a hand or two !!!