Leanne's Punishment 0
Leanne's Punishment 1
Leanne's Punishment 2
Leanne's Punishment 3
Leanne's Punishment 4

It would seem Leanne did not satify Simon at all, and of course he complained to Mistress Demonic... Back in the Dungeon Lizzie and Petra laugh and taunt Leanne with "You cant even suck cock properly" ...Mistress arrives and sends the ladies off for champagne while she deals with the hapless Leanne, it's over the whipping bench after a torrent of verbal and Leanne is caned, paddled and gagged...

The Unit of Correction Part Three 0
The Unit of Correction Part Three 1
The Unit of Correction Part Three 2
The Unit of Correction Part Three 3
The Unit of Correction Part Three 4

Matron will not stand any rudeness and neither will she let the inmate get away with misbehaving.. Its over the knees for a good hard spanking and then she uses the cane so the nimates arse is striped and sore.

The Unit of Correction Part Two 0
The Unit of Correction Part Two 1
The Unit of Correction Part Two 2
The Unit of Correction Part Two 3
The Unit of Correction Part Two 4

It seems is more work for Matron and her co-horts... On with a prisoner tabard, and then it is punishment time for another inmate.. Caning seems a good option for this naughty lady.

The Unit of Correction Part One 0
The Unit of Correction Part One 1
The Unit of Correction Part One 2
The Unit of Correction Part One 3
The Unit of Correction Part One 4

When you misbeave there is only one thing for it, off to the Correction unit for punishment... Matron books in the offender, she is humiliated and told what will now happen... panties off and so we begin ...

The Interview

26:36 minutesFemdom
The Interview 0
The Interview 1
The Interview 2
The Interview 3
The Interview 4

Miss Bell goes for an interview as a goveness, on meeting Mrs Velvet she is somewhat surprised at the cinversation, but needs must and Miss Bell need this job.. Son Mrs Velvet shows Miss Bell exactly what she means by putting her over her knee and spanking herl ily white arse, then she bends Miss Bell over the desk and paddles her arse before finally making her bend over and touch her toes while being caned !!...

Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 0
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 1
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 2
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 3
Crop, Cane, Strap, Paddle and Birch 4

Maitress Marlene gets John over the knee for a good old fashioned hand spanking which is humiliating enough, but she does not stop at just a hand spanking as she takes a leather paddle and uses it to very good effect and his arse is very very red and sore... Then she moves onto the leather strap and a good caning and finishes off with a good hard birching, so hard its doubtful whether John will sit down for a week or more.

Dannies Humiliation 0
Dannies Humiliation 1
Dannies Humiliation 2
Dannies Humiliation 3
Dannies Humiliation 4

Mistress Demonic is furious, Slavegirl Dannie has been out the night before and got pissed and wet the bed... So Mistress is going ot make her pay for that indiscretion, she takes both her slavegirls outside, and gives Dannie a severe telling off, Dannie is made to lay on the cold concrete with Slave Sophia standing close by, Mistress soon gives Dannie a taste of watersports and pisses on her... But its not over yet, Dannie is sent to shower while Mistress takes Sophia back inside and to the dungeon, there watched and aided by Miss Cameo both girls get told off and punished...

Jasper Cabbage Caned 0
Jasper Cabbage Caned 1
Jasper Cabbage Caned 2
Jasper Cabbage Caned 3
Jasper Cabbage Caned 4

Jasper Cabbage had been naughty so punishment must hapen and who better to dish out a good hard caning than Goddess Demonic ...she puts him over the whipping bench and subjects his arse to a torrent of caning !!..

Captive Slave

Mistress Demonic and Slave Comet15:46 minutesFemdom
Captive Slave 0
Captive Slave 1
Captive Slave 2
Captive Slave 3
Captive Slave 4

If you go down to the farm today.... yes you will find the Demonic one outside in the sun and obviously having fun with her two male slaves...

Mistress has left Slave Phoenix in the stable while she goes to deal with Slave Comet on route she picks some nice fresh stining nettles, comet is chained up to a vehicle in her yard and she begins by admonishing him and flogging him, she unchaines him and chases him up to the stables flogging his arse as he runs... A little later Mistress visits phoenix who is hooded in an empty barn, his arms chained above his head, he is in trouble for having sex with one of the Demonic ones female slave, she begins by flogging his cock and telling him off... A cock press and weights are put on his cock and she flogs him some more before adding nipple clamps and then paddling and caning his arse... And its not over yet !!!!!

Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 0
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 1
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 2
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 3
Mistress Danhella's Racked Slave 4

Mistress Danhella has her slave Rhiannon over the spanking bench and is using the crop on the girls arse, she then takes a cane and uses that as well, a good hard spanking follws just for good measure... However its not over yet... Next step is to put the slave on the rack and cuff her tightly so she cannot move, Mistress plugs the violet wand in and beginds to use it on the girls nipple piercings,  nipples and pussy, a few good slaps to her pussy for good measure as well . . . .