Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 0
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 1
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 2
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 3
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 4
Master Keith has had enough of Slave J and decides to show her what a slave can expect if she fails to please her Master! She is corsetted and chained with her wrists above her head. Next she is gagged and spread with her tits put in a cruel crusher. Master Keith puts mousetraps onto her nipples and then suspends her by winching her up in her painful predicament! Cunt hooks are applied to punish her even further. After she's been suspended for some time, Master Keith decides that she needs some more pain and drips hot wax all over her tender breasts. When J is finally let down, Master Keith puts her onto a bed and plays with her dripping pussy. Before he leaves her, he shoves a butt plug into her and chains her back up to ensure that she behaves while he's away.
The Pig In Trouble.  0
The Pig In Trouble.  1
The Pig In Trouble.  2
The Pig In Trouble.  3
The Pig In Trouble.  4

Mistress Demonic and her friend Lady Trinity arrive and Mistress Demonic introduces Trinity to her Slave pig.. Ohh my god where did you get THAT resounds Trinity.. The slave pig is in the cage and the ladies enjoy a cigarette and a glass of something before Mistress Demonic fetches the pig from the cage. He is told to clean and worship Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her cigarette, cigarette lighter and finally a candle. He is used as an ashtray and well and truly kicked in the balls after being made to stand in different positions ...before being locked back in the cage ...