Female Prisoners Dilemma

17:44 minutesBDSM
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It certainly is a dilemma for Sahara and her cohort, the prison guard is quite a ruthless character and he wastes no time in tying the hapless Sahara to a cross and stripping her of her clothing ... Her nipples are the first thing to be tormented, twisted and then on go the clamps.  Her pussy is also adorned with clamps then out comes the cane .... But is wont stop there, a female guard arrives and its a fucking machine, flogging and hard arse treatment abounding ...

The Prisoners Torment

13:21 minutesFemdom
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The Prisoners Torment 4

Kurdy is in the cage in the dungeon,  and MIstress Demonic dressed in soft leather in the form of a skirt and uniform jacket arrives and decides to let him out, firstly she uses him as an ashtray, flicking her ash into his hand while giving him plenty of verbal humiliation, she torments and taunts him before pushing him to the floor and taking a prison strap to him, she sits on him and beats his arse then allows the priveledge of worshipping and kissing her feet.

Bad Girls Shopping Trip 0
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Bad Girls Shopping Trip 3
Bad Girls Shopping Trip 4

Naughty Rhiannon has been sent to Master Keith, so after drressing her in a tight corset its down to the dungeon , she is caged, her nipples tormented and she has writen on her chest *I am a Bad Girl*, Master Keith leaves her for a while to contempalte her bad ways, then he releases her and more torment this time on her pussy...

Comet Caught Masturbating 0
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Comet Caught Masturbating 4

Slave Comet is locked in the cage in his Mistress's Dungeon, she arrives and gives him a good verbal telling off before letting him out...  Mistress knows he has masturbated without permission, and she will punish him without question for the misdeed... After making him kiss her feet she ties him to the crucifix, on go the nipple clamps and weights and she wastes no time in tightly tying up his cock and balls passing the rope through a ceiling ring and hanging a VERY heavy weight on the end of it !!!.. Some severe CBT follws and she rubs deep heat all over his cock and balls ...

Slave M, Masters Plaything . . . .  0
Slave M, Masters Plaything . . . .  1
Slave M, Masters Plaything . . . .  2
Slave M, Masters Plaything . . . .  3
Slave M, Masters Plaything . . . .  4

Slave M is in the cage, and now it is time for Master to deal with her, and deal with her he does, with floggers, torment, ropes and more !!!

Rayleen in trouble... 0
Rayleen in trouble... 1
Rayleen in trouble... 2
Rayleen in trouble... 3
Rayleen in trouble... 4

Trans-sexual Rayleen has really pissed Master Keith off, and he wont put up with that .... It's out of the cage and into the dungeon where he certainly makes herp ay for running away !!... He begins but tying her tits up tightly, and tormenting them and her nipples till she is begging for mercy,. he gives her mercy but in return starts on her pussy !!... Master Keith at his best ...

Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 0
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Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 4

Ohhhh dear me, the Runt is in big trouble, she has been caught by her 3 young Mistresses sneaking in after a night out, and bad behavoiur deserves punishment, and these 3 Mistresses certainly know how to dish it out... Firstly it's a spanking, then out comes a flogger, follwed by the crop, then the 3 bitches tie her firmly to the St Andrew Cross, some heavy weights are added to the slaves labia and Mistress Petra decideds a good hard paddling is in order.... Of course a heavy strap on the arse will surely see the slave see sense but thats not all, these 3 Mistresses intend to make sure she never disobeys again ...

More heavy wieghts are added and a spanking follows then its the cane when all 3 Mistresses give her some hard strokes ot her already sore arse... She is finally taken down from the cross and put in the cage for a while, but it certainly is not over yet.... More with candles, whips and stretching, the violet wand, candle wax, extreme labia stretching and more...