Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 0
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 1
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 2
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 3
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 4

Mistress Danhella has left Slave Rhiannon in the cage for a while, but now she is going to let her out and have some fun with the slave. Firstly she ties her to the whipping bench, pulls down the girls panties and spanks her cute arse, a flogger is used next, then a paddle, a crop, and finally a cane which makes Rhiannon yelp in pain, but its not over yet... It's on to the rack and out comes the violet wand which Mistress uses with great effect! Mistress then takes the girl to the shower room where she pisses on her.

When all else Fails ... 0
When all else Fails ... 1
When all else Fails ... 2
When all else Fails ... 3
When all else Fails ... 4

The Dungeon motto in Goddess Demonics Dungeon is * WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, KICK THEM IN THE BOLLOCKS* ..And Goddess does exactly that, ball kicking and punching at its best...

The Pig In Trouble.  0
The Pig In Trouble.  1
The Pig In Trouble.  2
The Pig In Trouble.  3
The Pig In Trouble.  4

Mistress Demonic and her friend Lady Trinity arrive and Mistress Demonic introduces Trinity to her Slave pig.. Ohh my god where did you get THAT resounds Trinity.. The slave pig is in the cage and the ladies enjoy a cigarette and a glass of something before Mistress Demonic fetches the pig from the cage. He is told to clean and worship Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her cigarette, cigarette lighter and finally a candle. He is used as an ashtray and well and truly kicked in the balls after being made to stand in different positions ...before being locked back in the cage ...

The Pig Progresses. 0
The Pig Progresses. 1
The Pig Progresses. 2
The Pig Progresses. 3
The Pig Progresses. 4

Mistress Demonic has her good friend Lady Trinity visiting so she takes her to meet the slave pig!, Oh my god what is that exclaims Lady Trinity... So its out of the cage with him while the ladies have some fun at his expence.. He is mae to clean Lady Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her lighter!, a candle is handy for removing hair too, so along with alot of verbal humiliation, ball busting and shoe cleaning its just not the slaves day at all . . .

The Pigs Ball Busting ... 0
The Pigs Ball Busting ... 1
The Pigs Ball Busting ... 2
The Pigs Ball Busting ... 3
The Pigs Ball Busting ... 4

Mistress Demonic loves to bust balls and here is certainly no exception as along with her beautiful but wicked friend Lady Trinity they certainly do bust Slave Ashtrays balls, along with using him as an ashtray, humiliating him and generally making his life a misery !!!

Branded Runaway Slavedog 0
Branded Runaway Slavedog 1
Branded Runaway Slavedog 2
Branded Runaway Slavedog 3
Branded Runaway Slavedog 4

The Slavedog has run away from Mistress Demonic and must pay the price for his misdeed, and pay he most certainly does.... He smells so she sprays him all over with deodorant and uses his hands to put out her cigarette along with Ms Cameo, they make him eat the cigarette ends, flick ash in his mouth, then the evil pair put him over the whipping bench and give his arse a really hard padlding using leather and rubber paddles, and a wooden one for good measure, he must be hungry so Demonic gives him a bowl of dog food and the pair then strike matches and use his body to put them out, his hair is burnt off and then comes the new toy Mistress Demonic bought on her way to the dungeon... DO NOT miss this its packed full of humiliation and hot stuff, especially when they set his bollocks on fire and give him a good ball kicking !!!

Caned Runaway Slavedog 0
Caned Runaway Slavedog 1
Caned Runaway Slavedog 2
Caned Runaway Slavedog 3
Caned Runaway Slavedog 4

The Slave dog is knelt on the floor while Miss Cameo kicks him right in the bollocks, but oh dear me he breaks her shoe, well mistress Demonic is having non of that so she starts kicking him in the bollocks aided by Ms Cameo, and of course the two Bitches show no mercy as they rain kicks one after the other back and front... Left on her own the Demonic one then puts him over the whipping bench and soundly canes his arse with an assortment of canes...She then has him lick her shoes clean while she enjoys a cigarette... More ball busting follows then she uses him as an ashtray!!!