Master's First Day with Slave J... 0
Master's First Day with Slave J... 1
Master's First Day with Slave J... 2
Master's First Day with Slave J... 3
Master's First Day with Slave J... 4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl, and today is her 1st day so the training begins... What with mousetraps on her nipples and heavy bondage, she soon realises she had better conform!

Leanne's Punishment 0
Leanne's Punishment 1
Leanne's Punishment 2
Leanne's Punishment 3
Leanne's Punishment 4

It would seem Leanne did not satify Simon at all, and of course he complained to Mistress Demonic... Back in the Dungeon Lizzie and Petra laugh and taunt Leanne with "You cant even suck cock properly" ...Mistress arrives and sends the ladies off for champagne while she deals with the hapless Leanne, it's over the whipping bench after a torrent of verbal and Leanne is caned, paddled and gagged...

Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 0
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 1
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 2
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 3
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 4
Master Keith has had enough of Slave J and decides to show her what a slave can expect if she fails to please her Master! She is corsetted and chained with her wrists above her head. Next she is gagged and spread with her tits put in a cruel crusher. Master Keith puts mousetraps onto her nipples and then suspends her by winching her up in her painful predicament! Cunt hooks are applied to punish her even further. After she's been suspended for some time, Master Keith decides that she needs some more pain and drips hot wax all over her tender breasts. When J is finally let down, Master Keith puts her onto a bed and plays with her dripping pussy. Before he leaves her, he shoves a butt plug into her and chains her back up to ensure that she behaves while he's away.

Batman Captured

54:47 minutesFemdom
Batman Captured 0
Batman Captured 1
Batman Captured 2
Batman Captured 3
Batman Captured 4

Goddess Demonic has caught Batman by laying a trap !!... The Green Goddess has changed sides and is now helping Goddess Demonic to humiliate and torment poor Batman. he is tied up, heckled, flogged and has smoke blown in his face .. he manages to escape his bonds only to have Goddess Demonic recapture and subject him to more and more humiliation and whipping ..

Bound & Caged Slave 0
Bound & Caged Slave 1
Bound & Caged Slave 2
Bound & Caged Slave 3
Bound & Caged Slave 4

Slave Leo is in the Demoni One's dungeon, here she puts him in arm bags and fastens his arms behind his back, ankle cuffs are put on and his legs spread wide with a leg spreader. She leaves him his arms pulled up so he has to bend over and returns later to remove the arm binders, and leg irons but its not over for slave Leo just yet for she has him dress in stockings and shoes and massage her feet and legs... He fetches some rope and Mistress ties him up, puts in a ball gag then he takes him to the cage and locks him in it ....

Slavegirls Workshop Torment Part 1 0
Slavegirls Workshop Torment Part 1 1
Slavegirls Workshop Torment Part 1 2
Slavegirls Workshop Torment Part 1 3
Slavegirls Workshop Torment Part 1 4

Slave Leia has been taken to a garage workshop by Master Keith, he has her suspended and is using the violet wand on her pussy lips which have mouse traps on them to keep her open!!!... While he is having fun with his slave, Mistress Persia arrives and she soon joins in by fingering and licking at the slaves pussy... Mistress removes the mousetraps making Leia yelp and is soon back to fingering the girl harshly.. Eventually she lets the girl down and puts on her strap-on and makes Leia suck it before giving Leia a good hard fucking .. she then makes the slave suck it again while Master Keith fingers her to orgasm ...