Ball Crush & Stretch 0
Ball Crush & Stretch 1
Ball Crush & Stretch 2
Ball Crush & Stretch 3
Ball Crush & Stretch 4

Goddess Demonic and Mistress True Severity decide to do some ball crushing on their slave, so on goes the ball crusher, but they think its not enough so they tie some rope to the crusher, pass it through hooks in the ceiling and hand an old cast iron on it for good measure, Goddess even uses the rope to do some exercises on!... They put nipple clamps on him add weights to those... Then off comes the ball crusher  a latex glove is put onto his cock because he is dribbling on Mistress Demonics carpet, he becomes Chicken Dick!

Masters Slave Girl Spanked 0
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 1
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 2
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 3
Masters Slave Girl Spanked 4

Pretty Charlie is Master Keiths new slave girl, a cute blonde with an even cuter arse.. He begins by tying her up to the cross and then it is over the whipping horse for a spanking..

The Smoking Collection ONE 0
The Smoking Collection ONE 1
The Smoking Collection ONE 2
The Smoking Collection ONE 3
The Smoking Collection ONE 4

Mistress Demonic, beautiful, sexy, serene...Watch as she is dressed in different outfits smoking cigarettes ...different scenes something for all you smoing fetishists!!

Woodland Fright  0
Woodland Fright  1
Woodland Fright  2
Woodland Fright  3
Woodland Fright  4

All is quiet in the woods, well nearly...Suddenly from the trees Master Keith appears and he is not alone, he is dragging Sophia Ballare along and it is not long before her tits are tighly tied and she is then tied to a tree !!!!.. but is she left alone????

Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  0
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  1
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  2
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  3
Nini McFriskey and The Fucking Machine . . . .  4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl, but all she ever thinks about is getting fucked, and Master has an ingenious plan . . . . But before she will get a fuck he verbally humiliates her, mousetraps are put on her nipples and he hads an electric chastity belt for good measure, he soon has her dancing about as he shocks her pussy !!...  He suspends her from the crucifix, her legs held wide open and he sets off the fucking machine and leaves her to get well and truly fucked . . . .

The Crush ...

Master Keith and Slave Ana10:43 minutesBDSM
The Crush ... 0
The Crush ... 1
The Crush ... 2
The Crush ... 3
The Crush ... 4

Master Keith begins by putting a rope tightly round Slave Anas huge tits, he wraps it round and round so her tits sit high ..Then he makes her kneel and her bound titss lay on it while he crushes them with his heavy boots... She is made to lay on her back while he crushes the tits even more...

Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 0
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 1
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 2
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 3
Elizabeth Spanked, Flogged & Fucked... 4

Master Keith has a new slave girl, he puts her over the whipping horse and gives her plump arse a good hard spanking before taking a flogger and using that too ...Then he suspends her from the crucifix and fixes up a fucking machine which he then aims right at her cunt and she is soon being fucked well and truly by the machine devil.

Pegs on her Pussy

Master Keith and Slave Ana15:19 minutesBDSM
Pegs on her Pussy 0
Pegs on her Pussy 1
Pegs on her Pussy 2
Pegs on her Pussy 3
Pegs on her Pussy 4

Master Keith takes lots and lots of clothes pegs, and one by one he puts them on Slave Ana's pussy lips .... more and more are added until there is just no room left for any more, he flicks them backwards and forwards and then slowly removes each one before giving her pussy a good hard flogging.

Piercing Slave Blue 0
Piercing Slave Blue 1
Piercing Slave Blue 2
Piercing Slave Blue 3
Piercing Slave Blue 4

Mistress Demonic decides that was wel as all his other ball decorations she is going to add some of her own ... Out come the needles.. well more IN  go the needles as she makes his balls just like a perforated t bag! His cock gets the treatment too and of course one cannot leave the nipples out !

Breast Bondage

Master Keith and Slave Ana17:54 minutesBDSM
Breast Bondage 0
Breast Bondage 1
Breast Bondage 2
Breast Bondage 3
Breast Bondage 4

Master Keith loves tits, and he loves tying them up very tightly and tormenting them !, and here is no exception, watch as Slave Ana has her breasts tied tightly, he puts her on the cross, adds some clothes pegs and enjoys watching her squirm... he then plays with her pussy before making her lick and kiss his boots.... Master torments her non stop.