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Transvestite Leanne has been sent by her Mistress in the USA to England. Once there she is to get herself a job and send what she earns back to her Mistress. Leanne buys a newspaper and begins to job hunt and she thinks she may have found one that will suit her perfectly, it's in Customer Satisfaction.. But this job is not all it seems! Leanne secures herself an interview and meets Mistress Demonic for the 1st time (It wont be her last either!)... Leanne is overjoyed and calls her Mistress, she feels something is not quite right with this job, but beggers can't be choosers and a job is a job ...

In the follow up *Leannes First Day* you will soon see what happens!

Ball Crush & Stretch 0
Ball Crush & Stretch 1
Ball Crush & Stretch 2
Ball Crush & Stretch 3
Ball Crush & Stretch 4

Goddess Demonic and Mistress True Severity decide to do some ball crushing on their slave, so on goes the ball crusher, but they think its not enough so they tie some rope to the crusher, pass it through hooks in the ceiling and hand an old cast iron on it for good measure, Goddess even uses the rope to do some exercises on!... They put nipple clamps on him add weights to those... Then off comes the ball crusher  a latex glove is put onto his cock because he is dribbling on Mistress Demonics carpet, he becomes Chicken Dick!

Audrey Caught Whoring 0
Audrey Caught Whoring 1
Audrey Caught Whoring 2
Audrey Caught Whoring 3
Audrey Caught Whoring 4

Goddess has found out that Audrey has been whoring and is not happy & has demanded Audrey report to her chambers... on arrival Goddess drags the hapless slave over to the whipping bench by its cock and makes it lay face down, she grabs a paddle and sets to work with the punishment.. then its a good cropping ... Needles are then put in the already sore bum cheeks and candles added so Audery can be the birthday cake for Goddess Demonics friend... Then its over another whipping bench for more paddling and a good hard caning ...

Pussy Plucking Torment

14:49 minutesFemdom
Pussy Plucking Torment 0
Pussy Plucking Torment 1
Pussy Plucking Torment 2
Pussy Plucking Torment 3
Pussy Plucking Torment 4

Mistress Demonic is NOT happy with her slave girls, and has Ms Cameo in to help her out.. as Dannie cannot behave and has not shaved her pussy Mistress Demonic has something planned.. like plucking all the hairs from the slaves cunt !!.. one by one and she wont be doing it herself, sophie is going to do the plucking !!

Double Domme Nettled  0
Double Domme Nettled  1
Double Domme Nettled  2
Double Domme Nettled  3
Double Domme Nettled  4

Mistress Deville arrives in the dungeon with slave J, already there is Mistress Persia with slave Alan, J is fastened to the swinging bench and beaten with a crop while slave Alan is being tormented by Persia... Soon De Ville grans some stinging nettles and uses them on her slaves cunt and tits ...

The Smoking Collection ONE 0
The Smoking Collection ONE 1
The Smoking Collection ONE 2
The Smoking Collection ONE 3
The Smoking Collection ONE 4

Mistress Demonic, beautiful, sexy, serene...Watch as she is dressed in different outfits smoking cigarettes ...different scenes something for all you smoing fetishists!!

Tied Titty Pussy Lick  0
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  1
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  2
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  3
Tied Titty Pussy Lick  4

Mistress Petra has two very cute slavegirls, and if youl ove tit bondage you will love seeing sophia with her huge tits tied up, then there is pussy licking ghalore as Mistress has slave emm  suck and lick sophias pussy ...

The Crush ...

Master Keith and Slave Ana10:43 minutesBDSM
The Crush ... 0
The Crush ... 1
The Crush ... 2
The Crush ... 3
The Crush ... 4

Master Keith begins by putting a rope tightly round Slave Anas huge tits, he wraps it round and round so her tits sit high ..Then he makes her kneel and her bound titss lay on it while he crushes them with his heavy boots... She is made to lay on her back while he crushes the tits even more...

The Interview

26:36 minutesFemdom
The Interview 0
The Interview 1
The Interview 2
The Interview 3
The Interview 4

Miss Bell goes for an interview as a goveness, on meeting Mrs Velvet she is somewhat surprised at the cinversation, but needs must and Miss Bell need this job.. Son Mrs Velvet shows Miss Bell exactly what she means by putting her over her knee and spanking herl ily white arse, then she bends Miss Bell over the desk and paddles her arse before finally making her bend over and touch her toes while being caned !!...

Dannies Humiliation 0
Dannies Humiliation 1
Dannies Humiliation 2
Dannies Humiliation 3
Dannies Humiliation 4

Mistress Demonic is furious, Slavegirl Dannie has been out the night before and got pissed and wet the bed... So Mistress is going ot make her pay for that indiscretion, she takes both her slavegirls outside, and gives Dannie a severe telling off, Dannie is made to lay on the cold concrete with Slave Sophia standing close by, Mistress soon gives Dannie a taste of watersports and pisses on her... But its not over yet, Dannie is sent to shower while Mistress takes Sophia back inside and to the dungeon, there watched and aided by Miss Cameo both girls get told off and punished...