Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 0
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 1
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 2
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 3
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 4

Master Keith has decided it is time Slave Danielle had her pussy fisted. But before he can do that he has to stretch it! He begins with a pump up dildo, and laughs as he sees how much he can blow that up! Then to top everything off, there is a lava lamp, what will he do with that?

Batman's Demonic démettre,  0
Batman's Demonic démettre,  1
Batman's Demonic démettre,  2
Batman's Demonic démettre,  3
Batman's Demonic démettre,  4

Batman is not always a good guy, he has infiltrated her dungeon and now Mistress Demonic has him in her evil clutches she is not going to let him go to easily... Along with some tight rope bondage and a fight which lands her on the floor she soon decides its time he learnt his lesson...

Bum Hole Stretch 0
Bum Hole Stretch 1
Bum Hole Stretch 2
Bum Hole Stretch 3
Bum Hole Stretch 4

Slave Annika is about to meet Mr B Stretch, and the clue is of course in the name! With anal toys of all sizes, usually large in his case, he comes along to aid Master Keith in the stretching of Annika's arsehole! Up the wooden plugs go , getting larger and larger and there is on occasion the addition of pretty things to make her stretched arsehole look pretty ... One for anal fans !

Slavegirls Tormented Milking 0
Slavegirls Tormented Milking 1
Slavegirls Tormented Milking 2
Slavegirls Tormented Milking 3
Slavegirls Tormented Milking 4

Master Keith just can't stand black coffee, but there is no milk, well not in the fridge...But he knows how to get some albeit a little unconventionally, and the slavegirl will provide it!.. Direct from tit to cup with some torment along the way ... Cunt torment and fingering, and 2 slavegirls!

Mistress Stascia's Toy 0
Mistress Stascia's Toy 1
Mistress Stascia's Toy 2
Mistress Stascia's Toy 3
Mistress Stascia's Toy 4

When Mistress Stascia arrives in her dungeon slave Alan is aready cuffed to the pole in the throne room, she soon has him released and makes him light the candles and fetch her some toys from the other room... After speaking to him for a few minutes she takes him into the main dungeon and soon sets to work tormenting and humiliating him, on go nipple clamps but not in the conventional way !, and thats just the start... A flogging ensues, as well as trampling on his sore nipples .......

2 Slavegirls' Veggie Torment 0
2 Slavegirls' Veggie Torment 1
2 Slavegirls' Veggie Torment 2
2 Slavegirls' Veggie Torment 3
2 Slavegirls' Veggie Torment 4

Slavegirls Rhiannon and Emma Louise have decided they are now vegetarian, and Master has decided if they want to be vegetarians then he better make make sure they get their vegetables! And make sure he does... With leeks and other delightful veggies that are good for you, well good for the slavegirls anyway... Including Emma louise fucking Rhiannon with a leek... and diamond butt plugs!

Tormented Training

Master Keith17:39 minutesBDSM
Tormented Training 0
Tormented Training 1
Tormented Training 2
Tormented Training 3
Tormented Training 4

 Master Keith's got some training to do outdoors and with his new ponygirl...

Raven Gets Spanked

Master Keith and Slave Raven4:00 minutesBDSM
Raven Gets Spanked 0
Raven Gets Spanked 1
Raven Gets Spanked 2
Raven Gets Spanked 3
Raven Gets Spanked 4

 Slave Raven is in trouble and Master Keith is going to give her the spanking she deserves...