The Slave is Late ... 0
The Slave is Late ... 1
The Slave is Late ... 2
The Slave is Late ... 3
The Slave is Late ... 4

One thing Godess Demonic hates is lateness, and if you are late for what ever reason do not bother making excuses because you WILL be punished as Slave Leo finds out much to his horror ... He is made to put on leather cuffs and quickly strapped to the whipping horse, where he is subjected to spanking, paddling and cropping on his arse.. He is then taken from the whipping horse and put up on the crucifix & nipple clapms put on his nipples, Goddess Demonic then grabs her electric box and fastens electrodes to his cock and balls and she has great fun turning the controls up and up !!!!!


Batman Captured

54:47 minutesFemdom
Batman Captured 0
Batman Captured 1
Batman Captured 2
Batman Captured 3
Batman Captured 4

Goddess Demonic has caught Batman by laying a trap !!... The Green Goddess has changed sides and is now helping Goddess Demonic to humiliate and torment poor Batman. he is tied up, heckled, flogged and has smoke blown in his face .. he manages to escape his bonds only to have Goddess Demonic recapture and subject him to more and more humiliation and whipping ..

When all else Fails ... 0
When all else Fails ... 1
When all else Fails ... 2
When all else Fails ... 3
When all else Fails ... 4

The Dungeon motto in Goddess Demonics Dungeon is * WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, KICK THEM IN THE BOLLOCKS* ..And Goddess does exactly that, ball kicking and punching at its best...

Ballet Boot Training 0
Ballet Boot Training 1
Ballet Boot Training 2
Ballet Boot Training 3
Ballet Boot Training 4

Master Kieth has decided it is time that Mistress Rach learnt to walk in ballet boots, firstly he laces her corset tightly then its on with those ballet boots....she totters and struggles and nearly falls over but he wont let stop until she masters the art..

Hoots Hollaring

Mistress Demonic and Mr Hoot4:17 minutesFemdom
Hoots Hollaring 0
Hoots Hollaring 1
Hoots Hollaring 2
Hoots Hollaring 3
Hoots Hollaring 4

Mr Hoot has been hooting & hollaring and making a noise so disturbing Goddess Demonic's afternoon Siesta, so she goes down to the dungeon and makes him bend over the whipping bench and canes his arse making him hollar all over again !

The Young Mistresses 0
The Young Mistresses 1
The Young Mistresses 2
The Young Mistresses 3
The Young Mistresses 4

Ohhh dear me, the runt is in trouble, she did not expect to find the 3 young Mistresses in the dungeon when she sneaked in, and they are not oging to let runt get away with it, the 3 nasty bitches spank her, flog her put heavy weights on her pussy lips and genrally give her a hard time...

Fag Ash Lill

Mistress Demonic23:49 minutesFemdom
Fag Ash Lill 0
Fag Ash Lill 1
Fag Ash Lill 2
Fag Ash Lill 3
Fag Ash Lill 4

Fag Ash Lill is under strict training to become a three fags at once maid!, however she tends to whinge alot and disobey The Demonic Ones Orders... It is hilarious watching her try to smoke 2 cigarettes at once while Mistress Deomnic verbally humiliates and torments !!!

The Pig Progresses. 0
The Pig Progresses. 1
The Pig Progresses. 2
The Pig Progresses. 3
The Pig Progresses. 4

Mistress Demonic has her good friend Lady Trinity visiting so she takes her to meet the slave pig!, Oh my god what is that exclaims Lady Trinity... So its out of the cage with him while the ladies have some fun at his expence.. He is mae to clean Lady Trinitys shoes while the Demonic one removes his body hair with her lighter!, a candle is handy for removing hair too, so along with alot of verbal humiliation, ball busting and shoe cleaning its just not the slaves day at all . . .

Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  0
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  1
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  2
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  3
Slave Lou's Torment- Part 3 Electrics.  4

Following on from Part Two , Slave Lou is still suspended and now ot comes the violet wand to be used by Master Keith, he removes the clothes pegs from her pussy lips and uses the wand on her cunt and tits !!... But its not over for he then grabs a speculum...

Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 0
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 1
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 2
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 3
Slave Lou's Torment - Part Two ( Waxed) 4

In Part One Master Keith has Slave Lou in a breast Clamp and with candles too!!!... And now he floggs her with it still on but eventually he does remove it before makin her kneel on all fours while he gives her a good hard spanking ... But its not over for poor Slave Lou as you will soon see... NOT TO BE MISSED ...