Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  0
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  1
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  2
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  3
Jolene's Slavegirl's Birthday  4

It is the birthday of one of Mistress Jolenes slavegirls! So Mistress Decides to celebrate, and of course when there is a birthday there has to be candles... Today is not the exception, certainly when the slavegirl becomes her own birthday cake!

Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 0
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 1
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 2
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 3
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 4
Master Keith has had enough of Slave J and decides to show her what a slave can expect if she fails to please her Master! She is corsetted and chained with her wrists above her head. Next she is gagged and spread with her tits put in a cruel crusher. Master Keith puts mousetraps onto her nipples and then suspends her by winching her up in her painful predicament! Cunt hooks are applied to punish her even further. After she's been suspended for some time, Master Keith decides that she needs some more pain and drips hot wax all over her tender breasts. When J is finally let down, Master Keith puts her onto a bed and plays with her dripping pussy. Before he leaves her, he shoves a butt plug into her and chains her back up to ensure that she behaves while he's away.
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  0
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  1
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  2
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  3
Ms Jolenes Slave Girls Birthday  4

Is it Ms Jolenes birthday and of course where there is a birthday there must be candles!... But these candles will not be on a cake, because Jolene desides to insert them in her pussy !!... watch the wax run ...

Rhiannon's Suspension 0
Rhiannon's Suspension 1
Rhiannon's Suspension 2
Rhiannon's Suspension 3
Rhiannon's Suspension 4

Pretty Slavegirl Charlie is on the cross when Master Keith arrives and takers her down telling her to go and get changed and fetch Slave Rhiannon to him ... The slavegirl dutifully obliges and once back in the dungeon Rhiannon is made put her head under Masters throne while he spanks her bottom, then she has to worship her feloow slaves shoes, feet and legs. Then Charlie makes Rhiannon play 'Fetch ' like a puppy giggling at Rhiannon and having fun ...But its not over yet ..... Rhiannon is suspended by her ankles and wrists by Master and a gag added for good measure while Charlie flogs the gilrs pussy then pushes her to and fro using her feet!!... Master Keith then fingers the girl to orgasm and bites her tits, then he relases her arms and re-suspends her by her ankles, a candle is put in her pussy and lit and pegs put on her labia ....

Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 0
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 1
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 2
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 3
Slave lou's Torment - Part One Suspension . . . . 4

Pretty Slavegirl Lou is taken to Master Keith, he soon has her in a corset and with a collar and lead... But it is not long before her huge tits are put into a tit clamp and it is tightened  he then adds some leather bondage mitts which he fastens to her ankle cuffs so she has no option but ot be bent over, a good arse spanking then follows... And it is not long before Master Keith has her suspended by tits and ankles with more torment to follow !!!...

E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  0
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  1
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  2
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  3
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  4

Ms E.Vie has been having problems with her slave dog so she has taken him along to enlist the help of Mistress Danhella... It seems the naughty dog is pissing all over the place and wont behave itself...  His cock and balls are tied up and Ms E.Vie tramples on them, he is made to play fetch with a cane, lap water from a dog bowl, he begs ... They put him on the rack and a violet wand is used on his cock and ballswhich are then chined up and heavy weights added before the violet wand is turned up and used again. . . . . Candles are then lit and both mistresses drip hot wax all over his cock and balls. The Mistresses leave him for a while and return only to get the violet wand out again and light the candles this time dripping the hot wax not only on his cock and balls but all over his nipples and chest.... Of course they don't stop there, but rest assured the dog is made to howl ...


Oriental Suspension 0
Oriental Suspension 1
Oriental Suspension 2
Oriental Suspension 3
Oriental Suspension 4

Slave Coco is a pain in the arse as far as Master Keith goes... So down the dungeon he takes her , firstly she holds the ashtray for him while he sits on his throne and relaxes, then its a boot on her pussy just to show her who is boss... and he soon has her spread eagled and lifted off the floor, along with some mousetraps on her pussy lips to keep them open!!. .... He decides some candle light would be nice in his dungeon and he has just the thing to use as a candle holder..yes Slave Coco, but first he flogs the slaves pussy to make sure she does not let the candle fall !!!... She says she is hungry, well Master Keith has not eaten all his dinner so Coco gets the leftovers...........