Worship Mistresses' Feet 0
Worship Mistresses' Feet 1
Worship Mistresses' Feet 2
Worship Mistresses' Feet 3
Worship Mistresses' Feet 4

Slave has been caught masturbating over shoes. He is verbally degraded and riddiculed, has nipple clamps attached. He is made to lick E.vie's boots, he is then asked to make weird noises. He then licks and and sucks Danhella's feet and toes. He is trampled on and sucks Ms.Demonics toes.


Mistress Demonic20:17 minutesBDSM
Needled 0
Needled 1
Needled 2
Needled 3
Needled 4

A tied up and blindfolded slave gets needles put in his nipples by Mistress Demonic then a pretty ribbon put around it.

Mistress' New Girl Watches

30:56 minutesBDSM
Mistress' New Girl Watches 0
Mistress' New Girl Watches 1
Mistress' New Girl Watches 2
Mistress' New Girl Watches 3
Mistress' New Girl Watches 4
Mistress has a new slave girl to train, and another male slave to punish, so she brings them both to the dungeon to teach her slave girl what she's in for. She ties the slave girl to the St Andrews cross to watch as the male slave is told to cross dress for Mistress. Mistress then sends him to do the dishes whilst still in sissy wear so she can whip the slave girl. She then ties the slave's balls, whips him and attaches the rope from his balls to a suspension point and hangs weights from it. Mistress then mummifies him and runs claws over him. Finally Mistress pierces him through his upper back and runs a violet wand over his back and ass.
The Punishment of Geisha 0
The Punishment of Geisha 1
The Punishment of Geisha 2
The Punishment of Geisha 3
The Punishment of Geisha 4
Slave Raven is tied down to a whipping bench with a sparkling buttplug in her arse. Master Keith begins by spanking her, reddening her arse cheeks until they glow! Next he uses a paddle before moving up to a crop. Next mousetraps are put onto her tits and flicked and whipped. Finally she is tied up with her hands clipped to the ceiling and her knees tied to the whipping bench - a real bondage predicament!
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 0
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 1
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 2
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 3
Slave J Suspended and Tormented! 4
Master Keith has had enough of Slave J and decides to show her what a slave can expect if she fails to please her Master! She is corsetted and chained with her wrists above her head. Next she is gagged and spread with her tits put in a cruel crusher. Master Keith puts mousetraps onto her nipples and then suspends her by winching her up in her painful predicament! Cunt hooks are applied to punish her even further. After she's been suspended for some time, Master Keith decides that she needs some more pain and drips hot wax all over her tender breasts. When J is finally let down, Master Keith puts her onto a bed and plays with her dripping pussy. Before he leaves her, he shoves a butt plug into her and chains her back up to ensure that she behaves while he's away.
Branded Runaway Slave Dog 0
Branded Runaway Slave Dog 1
Branded Runaway Slave Dog 2
Branded Runaway Slave Dog 3
Branded Runaway Slave Dog 4

Mistress Demonic and Miss Cameo have a pathetic piece of meat to deal with today - a useless slave dog that ran away and has finally realised that he can't live without his beautiful mistresses. Unlucky for him, Mistress Demonic and Miss Cameo are absolutely furious at his insolence and punish him in a range of evil and cruel ways. He is burned, serves as an ashtray slave and is branded for his Mistress' pleasure. One thing's for certain - he'll never run away again!

The Unit of Correction Part Three 0
The Unit of Correction Part Three 1
The Unit of Correction Part Three 2
The Unit of Correction Part Three 3
The Unit of Correction Part Three 4

Matron will not stand any rudeness and neither will she let the inmate get away with misbehaving.. Its over the knees for a good hard spanking and then she uses the cane so the nimates arse is striped and sore.

The Governess

16:58 minutesFemdom
The Governess 0
The Governess 1
The Governess 2
The Governess 3
The Governess 4

In a lovely english house resides the Governess, and when her ward misbeaves then its time to punish her.. the ward has become rude and unruly and is to be punished so over the kness she does and her arse is soon very red and very sore..

Suspended by her Tits

Master Keith14:32 minutesBDSM
Suspended by her Tits 0
Suspended by her Tits 1
Suspended by her Tits 2
Suspended by her Tits 3
Suspended by her Tits 4

Master Keith ties up his slave by her tits.. and then uses them to suspend her..

The Unit of Correction Part Two 0
The Unit of Correction Part Two 1
The Unit of Correction Part Two 2
The Unit of Correction Part Two 3
The Unit of Correction Part Two 4

It seems is more work for Matron and her co-horts... On with a prisoner tabard, and then it is punishment time for another inmate.. Caning seems a good option for this naughty lady.