Cameo's Disobedient Slavegirls 0
Cameo's Disobedient Slavegirls 1
Cameo's Disobedient Slavegirls 2
Cameo's Disobedient Slavegirls 3
Cameo's Disobedient Slavegirls 4

 Cameo's slavegirls are in for some punishment, and she's got heels, violet wand and crops to help teach these girls a lesson they'll never forget again whilst they give their apologies.

Female Prisoners Dilemma

17:44 minutesBDSM
Female Prisoners Dilemma 0
Female Prisoners Dilemma 1
Female Prisoners Dilemma 2
Female Prisoners Dilemma 3
Female Prisoners Dilemma 4

It certainly is a dilemma for Sahara and her cohort, the prison guard is quite a ruthless character and he wastes no time in tying the hapless Sahara to a cross and stripping her of her clothing ... Her nipples are the first thing to be tormented, twisted and then on go the clamps.  Her pussy is also adorned with clamps then out comes the cane .... But is wont stop there, a female guard arrives and its a fucking machine, flogging and hard arse treatment abounding ...

Mistress Waits Part Two 0
Mistress Waits Part Two 1
Mistress Waits Part Two 2
Mistress Waits Part Two 3
Mistress Waits Part Two 4


Crystal had kept her Mistress waiting and has already has a good hard paddling so her arse is red and sore and Mistress is still not finished, now she puts heavy weights onto crystals cunt lips , ties her up and leaves her like that for a very long time ...Mistress eventually returns, removes the weights and takes the hapless slave upstairs where she is made to massage and kiss Mistresses feet


Mistress Waits 0
Mistress Waits 1
Mistress Waits 2
Mistress Waits 3
Mistress Waits 4

It does not do if you make Mistress wait for you, and punishment is the order of the day for crystal, she has made Mistress Alicia wait while she is off gallivanting with her friends, of course Mistress is very cross and takes the slave to her dungeon where she punishes the slave !!..

Dom Lesbian Workshop 0
Dom Lesbian Workshop 1
Dom Lesbian Workshop 2
Dom Lesbian Workshop 3
Dom Lesbian Workshop 4

It begins with a naked slave Leia in an old car workshop, a piece of garage apperatus up her cunt, its hydrolic and goes deeper and deeper in her ...Then Mistress Persia adds mouse traps to her cunt lips and torments her and fingers her before  her strap on is worn and Leia gets fucked and is made to deep throat the rubber cock...

Lesbian in the Woods 0
Lesbian in the Woods 1
Lesbian in the Woods 2
Lesbian in the Woods 3
Lesbian in the Woods 4

 Master Keith, Mistress Alicia and Mistress Roxi take slave Crystal out to the woods, lead her by her collar and put her cuffs on. Then they tie her to a tree and flogging and paddle her and then Master plays with her pussy.

Mistresses Train Horsey 0
Mistresses Train Horsey 1
Mistresses Train Horsey 2

Mistresses have a new pony, and they're making sure he's properly trained for the job of carrying the precious cargo that is the mistresses round the dungeon.

Nightmare Nurses 0
Nightmare Nurses 1
Nightmare Nurses 2
Nightmare Nurses 3
Nightmare Nurses 4


The slave is lead down the the dungeon by one of the nurses by his penis, he is than tied to the chair with his legs spilt apart, and a special mouth piece inserted. He than has staples put into his chest, he than has a needles pierced through his eyebrows, they than put lace through the staples in a corset type of ribbon. After awhile he than has his penis slapped several times by the mistresses. He is than moved and has his hands clipped to a metal frame above him, and has his legs tied up as well, they than place pegs upon his penis, and hang weights off his balls, when the cock and ball play ends, he is bent over and spanked


Mistresses' Coffee Table 0
Mistresses' Coffee Table 1
Mistresses' Coffee Table 2
Mistresses' Coffee Table 3
Mistresses' Coffee Table 4

 Mistresses use a slave girl as their coffee table to have a couple of coffees on.

Florence FrillyFrock 0
Florence FrillyFrock 1
Florence FrillyFrock 2
Florence FrillyFrock 3
Florence FrillyFrock 4

Florence gets dressed up in a frilly frock by mistress and a friend and then gets verbally humiliated.