Raven Gets Spanked

Master Keith and Slave Raven4:00 minutesBDSM
Raven Gets Spanked 0
Raven Gets Spanked 1
Raven Gets Spanked 2
Raven Gets Spanked 3
Raven Gets Spanked 4

 Slave Raven is in trouble and Master Keith is going to give her the spanking she deserves...


Mistress Demonic17:21 minutesFemdom
Toesucker 0
Toesucker 1
Toesucker 2
Toesucker 3
Toesucker 4

 Mistress and her fellow doms have a slave in to worship their feet...

Blues 0
Blues 1
Blues 2
Blues 3
Blues 4

 Mistress Demonic needs to punish her errenant slaves Rhiannon and Danielle...

The Anal Training

Mistress Demonic13:25 minutesFemdom
The Anal Training 0
The Anal Training 1
The Anal Training 2
The Anal Training 3
The Anal Training 4

 Mistress Demonic has a new slave to train up anally...

Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 0
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 1
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 2
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 3
Pegs, Weights, Crop, Paddle 4

 Mistress ties up her sub and proceeds to use pegs, weights, crops and paddles on him.

The BDSM Garage

Master Keith14:19 minutesBDSM
The BDSM Garage 0
The BDSM Garage 1
The BDSM Garage 2
The BDSM Garage 3
The BDSM Garage 4

 The slave girls get some mechnical assistance at the garage...

The Sounds

Mistress Demonic16:27 minutesFemdom
The Sounds 0
The Sounds 1
The Sounds 2
The Sounds 3
The Sounds 4

 Mistress Demonic and True Severity have a slave in their dungeon who needs to be punished, he's already cuffed to the bench and then they tie up his balls to his spread legs. They then try out their collection of sounds on him, seeing how much he can take.

Shower Paddling 0
Shower Paddling 1
Shower Paddling 2
Shower Paddling 3
Shower Paddling 4

 Slave Rhiannon is caught masturbating whilst shaving her pussy in the shower, little does she know she's in for the paddling of her life from Mistress Demonic.

Return of the Diabolical Dommes 0
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 1
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 2
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 3
Return of the Diabolical Dommes 4

 The Diabolical Dommes are back for another round of punishing their slave...