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In part Two of the Three part trilogy, Mistress Demonic is now going to deal with Fifi La Poo ... In Part One Slave Leia has upset the Demonic One and has been punished for her sins, it didn't help of course the Fifi turned up late for her appointment and then gave the Demonic One flowers containing Lillies which she hates. Leia is sent upstairs to dress in something "more Dominant" and Fifi is made to strip out of her maids oufit and is put on to the crusifix where mistress begins with some nipple torture and plenty of verbal humiliation.. Leia returns and then the fun starts, she is taken from the cross and tied to the whipping and her cock and balls are tied down so every time she moves they are pulled on ...and Fifi ends up with a very sore arse and cock and balls !!!... But of course this is Mistress Demonic and it does not end there .........

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Master Spider loves to use clothes pegs on his slaves breasts and today is no exception!, Its pegs a plenty for Salve Alia, and as her Master removes then he torments her even more by pulling and tweeking where the pegs have been ... Once all the pegs are removed he then flicks her nipples making her groan and moan ..but in pleasure or pain ???

The flogger is then used on her nipples and breasts and Master Spider takes great delight in suckling on them too... But is it all over yet ???... NO because out comes the rope and Alia's tits are soon encased !!!

Jade's Caning

Mistress Demonic14:02 minutesFemdom
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Jade has really displeased Mistress Demonic, and so its off to the dungeon for punishment.... Jade is put on the psanking bench and spanked, paddled , cropped and caned while the Demonic one smiles , Jade yelps !!!

Doctor Keith Fists his patient 0
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Cindy has some sexual problems, so off she goes to see the illustrious Doctor Keith... One in his surgery she strips off and he straps her onto the gyne chair... Playing with her nipples he decides maybe she hnneds to have some sensitivity put into them and out comes the nipple pump, a full pussy fisting follows... I bet Cindy felt that !!!!!

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Salve Comet is in trouble yet again, this time he has been caught by The Demonic One watching pornogragphy, and of ocurse she is not going to let him get away with it ... So its off to her dungeon where she subjects Comet to some apinful tratment, cock and ball torture, nipple torture and a whole lot more !!!!

Oriental Suspension 0
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Slave Coco is a pain in the arse as far as Master Keith goes... So down the dungeon he takes her , firstly she holds the ashtray for him while he sits on his throne and relaxes, then its a boot on her pussy just to show her who is boss... and he soon has her spread eagled and lifted off the floor, along with some mousetraps on her pussy lips to keep them open!!. .... He decides some candle light would be nice in his dungeon and he has just the thing to use as a candle holder..yes Slave Coco, but first he flogs the slaves pussy to make sure she does not let the candle fall !!!... She says she is hungry, well Master Keith has not eaten all his dinner so Coco gets the leftovers...........

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Part One of a three part trilogy...

Slavegirl Leia is in trouble yet again and Mistress Demonic is not going to stand for it, so Leia is taken down the dungeon and made to go over the whipping bench where she is subjected to a spanking while being told off for her misdemenors... Mistress then paddles the slaves already reddening arse...  A hard caning follows, then Mistress has the best punishemnt of all coming up for Leia ... She is told to go upstairs and change her clothing to something more dominant, just before Leia leaves Slave Fifi La Poo arrives LATE for her appointment, she has brought the Demonic One flowers and Mistress is not happy that the silly slave has brought her lilys, Mistress hates them!.. Slave Fifi is made to remove her maids outfit and Mistress then puts her on the cross where some nipple torture follows, but its not over for poor Fifi as Part Two shows more of Fifi's punishment which is not a kindly one !!!!!

The Reciprocator. 0
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The Reciprocator. 3
The Reciprocator. 4

Master Keith is at his ingenious best in this movie! Slave J is brought to the dungeon, tied to the gynae chair and mouse traps are put on her nipples. Master Keith canes and plays with her breasts. Clamps are put on her pussy lips and rope is used to keep them open...some well aimed slaps on her pussy ensue! Master Keith has a reciprocating saw he has worked on and it has become a fucking machine - well after all, Slave J has been going on that she wants a good fuck and she certainly gets her wish!