Comet Caught Smoking 0
Comet Caught Smoking 1
Comet Caught Smoking 2
Comet Caught Smoking 3
Comet Caught Smoking 4

It seems poor Slave Comet is in trouble yet again, nothing new there because he seems to try The Demonic one's patience on a daily basis, this time the daft old fool has been caught smoking in his bedroom and Mistress will NOT stand for that ... So it's off to her chambers for him and some severe nipple and cock and ball torture with a good telling off and plenty of humiliation.

Caned Runaway Slavedog 0
Caned Runaway Slavedog 1
Caned Runaway Slavedog 2
Caned Runaway Slavedog 3
Caned Runaway Slavedog 4

The Slave dog is knelt on the floor while Miss Cameo kicks him right in the bollocks, but oh dear me he breaks her shoe, well mistress Demonic is having non of that so she starts kicking him in the bollocks aided by Ms Cameo, and of course the two Bitches show no mercy as they rain kicks one after the other back and front... Left on her own the Demonic one then puts him over the whipping bench and soundly canes his arse with an assortment of canes...She then has him lick her shoes clean while she enjoys a cigarette... More ball busting follows then she uses him as an ashtray!!!


Baked Bean Wrestling 0
Baked Bean Wrestling 1
Baked Bean Wrestling 2
Baked Bean Wrestling 3
Baked Bean Wrestling 4

A little bit of fun from the Gate Club, see pretty naked ladies wrestling in a huge pool full of baked beans!! The Gate Crew all join in and there are beans everywhere, you will never believe where those little blighter end up !

Eletric Chastity Belt 0
Eletric Chastity Belt 1
Eletric Chastity Belt 2
Eletric Chastity Belt 3
Eletric Chastity Belt 4

Slave Leia is in for a shock in more ways than one!.. Firstly Master Keith catches her masturbating in the bath, nothing new there because the girl just can't stop playing with herself. So it's down to the dungeon with her where Master Keith tries out his latest invention, the electric chastity belt, that's sure to make her dance and whimper !!.. of course he won't be content with just that, so before he fits the belt, he trambles on her breasts, attaches some clamps to her pussy lips and uses chains to keep them opn !!!..

E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  0
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  1
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  2
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  3
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  4

Ms E.Vie has been having problems with her slave dog so she has taken him along to enlist the help of Mistress Danhella... It seems the naughty dog is pissing all over the place and wont behave itself...  His cock and balls are tied up and Ms E.Vie tramples on them, he is made to play fetch with a cane, lap water from a dog bowl, he begs ... They put him on the rack and a violet wand is used on his cock and ballswhich are then chined up and heavy weights added before the violet wand is turned up and used again. . . . . Candles are then lit and both mistresses drip hot wax all over his cock and balls. The Mistresses leave him for a while and return only to get the violet wand out again and light the candles this time dripping the hot wax not only on his cock and balls but all over his nipples and chest.... Of course they don't stop there, but rest assured the dog is made to howl ...


Rich Bitch Tormented 0
Rich Bitch Tormented 1
Rich Bitch Tormented 2
Rich Bitch Tormented 3
Rich Bitch Tormented 4

Master Keith has Slave Annika chained up and has left her on floor, on his return he flogs her arse and pussy before allowing her to stand up, the chians have been passd through her wrist cuffs and pussy piercing .... He sits her on a bench and proceeds to put her large tits in bondage, bends her over and spanks her arse then he makes her sit down again and takes a crop to her tits and nipples. He lays her on floor and tramples her tits while pulling on the rope that binds them .... then she lays on her front and he stands on her back  ......

Comet's Chastisement 0
Comet's Chastisement 1
Comet's Chastisement 2
Comet's Chastisement 3
Comet's Chastisement 4

Oh dear , Comet is in trouble yet again... Over the whipping bench where without preamble Mistress Demonic starts by giving him a good padlding, this is followed by the crop and then the horn paddle,  a good strapping and a telling off. She grabs a cane and makes him kiss it before she lays it on his arse nice and hard making him yelp ....

Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 0
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 1
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 2
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 3
Young Dominatrix Torment the Runt 4

Ohhhh dear me, the Runt is in big trouble, she has been caught by her 3 young Mistresses sneaking in after a night out, and bad behavoiur deserves punishment, and these 3 Mistresses certainly know how to dish it out... Firstly it's a spanking, then out comes a flogger, follwed by the crop, then the 3 bitches tie her firmly to the St Andrew Cross, some heavy weights are added to the slaves labia and Mistress Petra decideds a good hard paddling is in order.... Of course a heavy strap on the arse will surely see the slave see sense but thats not all, these 3 Mistresses intend to make sure she never disobeys again ...

More heavy wieghts are added and a spanking follows then its the cane when all 3 Mistresses give her some hard strokes ot her already sore arse... She is finally taken down from the cross and put in the cage for a while, but it certainly is not over yet.... More with candles, whips and stretching, the violet wand, candle wax, extreme labia stretching and more...

The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 0
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 1
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 2
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 3
The Cane, The Fist & The Lava Lamp 4

Salve Danielle is in the cage but not for long as Master Keith suddenly arrives , lets her out and put's her straight over the whipping bench, he chooses an assortment of leather paddles & a flogger, oh and not forgetting the wooden paddle as well, and soon has her arse a nice shade of red !!... Out comes a crop to add to the redness and he is non to gentle with it, he adds some clamps to her pussy lips just for good measure, which he tied to the whipping bench before he grabs a nice heavy cane!!... Once her arse is all nice and striped he takes her from the bench, and takes her to another bench where he makes sure she is fastened down nice & tightly, then a pump up dildo is pushed up her pussy and pumped and pumped and pumped!!!... Once he is bored with that his fist is lubed up and then he gives her a good pussy fisting... BUT the lava lap is nearby and what on earth will he do with that ?????

Sarah in the Woods 0
Sarah in the Woods 1
Sarah in the Woods 2
Sarah in the Woods 3
Sarah in the Woods 4

If you go down to the woods today .... Well Sarah did, but not alone.... Master Keith has decided it is a nice day and why not spend some time in the woods, on arrival he carries slave sarah finto the woods, ties her to a tree and has some fun .. He fingers her, flogs her pussy and of course this is Master Keith so it does not stop there...